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I just heard an interesting observation made by Tom Goldstein as a guest speaker at the recent Supreme Court Term Review by the Federalist Society. Mr. Goldstein is a US Supreme Court and Appellpate Court Litigator as well as the BlogMaster of the SCOTUS Blog.

Mr. Goldstein made the comment to the effect that the US public has not traditionally shown a specific interest in SCOTUS decisions, however, the day the DC vs Heller decision was published, the general public (myself included), began downloading the entire text of this historic decision.

Not counting the Supreme Court website or any other mainstream web publication....only from Mr. Goldsteins personal Blog, (SCOTUSblog), there have been over 93,000 downloads of the .pdf file version of the entire opinion.

Do your own theoretical math and include the number of downloads likely made from all of the other locations where this file has been made available and the number is very probably quite impressive in that so many regular citizens feel stronly enough about this subject that they are getting engaged and want to read the entire decision.

Mr. Goldstein also made the comment that he had put up a poll on the last day of the term asking all of the people if they were at the site for "Heller" or "other reasons". The answer was that 96% were there specifically waiting for the Heller decision to come down. 62% reported that they owned 2 or more firearms.

Goldstein said, about the decision, "This is such a dramatic movement forward for that right" and "This decision is an elevation from the Junior Varsity to the Varsity."

What they (and WE) all need to do now, is to VOTE very carefully, not just along our party lines but also with the awareness that it is very possible that the next President will be appointing a new Supreme Court Justice to replace the 88 year old Liberal Justice Stevens in the summer of 2011.

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It's not very often that the Supreme Court makes such landmark rulings, and as such, it is not at all surprising that it has become so popular on the Internet. I'm also certain that if the Court were to revisit Roe v. Wade, it would be even more popular than Heller.


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Good points and it is imperative to note that in the next 4-8 years whomever our future president is will be anticipated to be appointing two to three new supreme court justices...
further that these justices are appointed for LIFE...

And with the last three SCOTUS decisions being 5-4 and only one of them being good (Parker-Heller), we can't let Obama in...

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