A Thought on to tell or not.


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My step father was a LEO in Dade County Florida in the late 50s and early 60s. When making a traffic stop, a man ran a stop sign, he did what the LEOs of the time did he un-snapped his holster so he could get to his gun quickly. When we got to the car the man had his arm out of the window like many did in those days prior to air-conditioning. The man got his gun and dad grabbed the barrel that was then pointed at his head when the gun went off. Dad lost two fingers, his job (DUE TO HIS INABILITY TO SHOOT) and in those days there was little if any help for the families. My dad became an alcoholic and six years later killed himself.

I don't blame any one for this. But I will never blame a LEO for being very careful when making even a routine stop for even a light bulb being out.

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