A Socialist America: A Revolution in The Making


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A Socialist America: A Revolution in The Making
Commentary on the News
Monday, October 20, 2008
Jan Markell

In recent weeks it has become more obvious that America is on the yellow-brick road to Socialism. In 1962. Russian Premier Krushchev said, “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to Communism but we can assist their leaders by giving them small amounts of Socialism until they awaken one day to find out they have Communism.” He also said that Communism would take over America “without firing a shot.”

I am not suggesting that the “movers and shakers” trying to take over many of our capitalistic institutions are secretly planning a Communist revolution in America. Maybe a few are but not the majority. Some like the idea of Socialism; others just want to bail America out of financial trouble to stabilize the world. However, more industries are going to fail in the coming months and need further government intervention. When does the spinning wheel stop and where will we be at when it is over?
As many of my radio guests and I have said in the last month or two, it is global government that is likely around the corner. Maybe this will be a Socialistic plan. First there will be regional unions and ultimately a one-world system looking to Europe.

Commentator David Limbaugh says, “Maybe I’m being too much of an alarmist, but I’m worried for the first time in my life that the election of a presidential candidate could lead to a fundamental change in our system of government. How many times must history repeat itself before we learn that Socialism and Communism cannot work?”

Karl Marx said, “A new revolution is possible only in consequences of a new crisis.” We have a crisis. As a matter of fact, unless the world stock markets stabilize, the entire world could be looking at a financial tsunami. Many nations, including America, could be ripe for being taken over “without firing a shot.”

Sen. Barack Obama has declared himself a Socialist. The now-famous “Joe the plumber” brought the truth out. Joe may be the most important non-candidate in this race. He became globally famous in 24 hours. He challenged Obama’s tax plans on camera as Joe can’t buy a business he wants as it will be heavily taxed. Obama responded, “It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success, too. I just think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

No, it isn’t good for everybody. As John Loeffler says, “As it becomes more difficult for small businesses to function in the poisoned atmosphere of taxes, fees, fines, regulations, and prosecutions, more of the middle class throws up its hands and goes elsewhere or becomes part of the dependent poor. Small business goes out of business or operates illegally. As inflation devours savings, people are wiped out. Retirees have a difficult time getting on as their lifetime achievements are destroyed. Most of the middle class slides down the slope into poverty.” Citizens are not likely to run harder and harder and run faster and faster to keep up with the loss of their currency’s worth and rise in prices.

The obvious is that Socialism means giving some of my wealth and Joe’s wealth to someone less deserving. This is the very reason the founding fathers rebelled against England. They were beholden to big government in England, and we will be if we take this road to Socialism.

This is Karl Marx speaking: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” You will produce what you can using your talents, and then the government will use its power to take your earnings and spread them to others who are unable (or unwilling) to do as well. It isn’t by accident that the Soviet Union failed! It wasn’t the “worker’s paradise,” and it won’t work in America!

So America could be in for big change. That’s the battle cry! As Victor Davis Hanson says in National Review Online, “Obama wasn’t born into Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s world. Obama could have picked any church in Chicago. He picked Jeremiah Wright’s church, and Wright is in to ‘Black Liberation Theology.’ “ This is a movement rooted in Socialism and Marxism. As Gary Bauer says, this is just Marxism dressed up in the gospel of economic justice.

So change we may get; in fact, the entire way in which our country has functioned for over 230 years could be turned upside down!

In spite of America’s weaknesses, we are still a bright light in a wicked world. When my Jewish grandparents fled the pogroms of Russia right before 1920, they wept tears of joy as their dingy and filthy ship sailed past the Statue of Liberty. They fled a sick Russian system for a land offering freedom and prosperity. And yes, they did prosper, but if they saw what America seems to be morphing into today, they would cry a different kind of tears.

May I suggest that you spend time praying and fasting for America in the next two weeks? All is not lost. But God wants “change,” too. He wants to see America become a God-fearing nation again. What will it take?

(Jan is founder/director of Olive Tree Ministries. To learn more or receive her free print newsletter, e-newsletter, or access three years of radio programming, visit the Web site, Olive Tree Ministries - prophetic signs, current issues, and the Messianic Jewish movement..)

Really good points and God may have found away to drive us to our knees.Civil war again?:suicide2:

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