A little help/advice on choosing my first handgun


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I recently got my license and I will be ready to purchase my first handgun sometime next month. I am looking for something for conceal carry and lots of time at the range.Ive been researching the XDM9,SR9, and the M&P9 and im not too sure what to buy,I have shot the xd9 subcompact and a few rimfires. I also do not want to go crazy and buy a very expensive gun. For carrying Im 6 feet 274lbs but i am on and off the gym (im usually about 230)

So any input would be appreciated. Thanks


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I carry an XD9...not the subcompact tho. It's not really what I refer to as a conceal weapon...a tad on the heavy side for conceal IMO. If you're looking more for conceal weapon check out the Ruger LC9.


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I carry a M&P 40c, with a crossbreed holster. Super comfortable and it hides very well. Also, my firearm has never malfunctioned yet. Its a little heavy.. but love how it fits in my hand.

Plus I love buying stuff from the USA :)


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I recommend the sr9

I recently had a chance to try a friends SR9 at my club range and found it to be an excellent hand gun. I also would recommend going with the full size model as it sounds like you are a big guy the full sized grip will be easier to master, and the 17 round mag. cap. is not bad either. It has excellent combat accuracy. I was able put all 17 rounds in a 12" circle @ about 40' firing as fast as I could (about 3 rd/sec) and still keep them on the paper first time I ever fired the gun. It has nice clean lines relativly thin due to the polymer frame. Striker fired very safe and the ]trigger wasn't too bad either. Just my 2cents I don't own one.


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First, congratulations on your new license. Second, good job on doing your homework/research towards what to buy.

My suggestion is this: First, figure out what caliber you want to carry. Do your research on pros and cons towards this but in the end, it's just going to be your call. Everyone on this forum can give you a good reason for why they carry the calibers they carry and it's because that's what happens to be important to them. I like the 40S&W, but that's just me.

Second, go to a large size shop, find a helpful salesman, and literally go through their cases looking at everything. Look in your chosen caliber, but put everything into your hand and see what makes sense. If you're looking specifically to carry, then look at compacts and sub-compacts. Being tall like you are, your hands may not like some sub-compacts. Personally, I cannot stand the way Glocks feel but I love the way HK's feel, so I buy HK's... but again, that's me.

Good luck & make it a fun experience. I would also say this for your consideration: Better to buy something that you like, feels good, and shoots good, without consideration to price. Don't give in to a good deal. If it costs a lot, then just save for another month or two and buy for the level of quality that meets your needs, you'll be happier with your purchase. Just my opinion.

Good luck!

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Make sure it fits your hand properly. As stated above, just because someone else likes it doesn't mean it will be comfortable in your hand. proper fit can greatly affect your accuracy. I love 1911's and Glocks, but put an XD in my hand and it feels like a brick. We all have our pet calibers, (mine is 45acp and if I need to go small it is generally .380) not eough time for me to explain years of study that brought me to those decisions. If you can get with some friends and try their guns out do so, or if you have a shooting range nearby that rents guns, a few $ for rentals may save you hundreds in wrong choices if you don't like what you buy because you were not able to shoot it first. Good Luck & I hope that this was helpful. Karl


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Most important: the gun has to fit your hand well and point well. This makes it important to try it out before you buy. I'm carrying a Kahr PM9. Never a problem in more than a 1000 rounds. It's a bit pricey but in the same range as the XD-9. Kahr has now a slightly less expensive model. Take a look at the different KelTecs. They are light and inexpensive.
Again: most important for a carry gun is how it points: look at the target, close your eyes and present and point the gun. It should point at the target.


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Whoa, I like the comments... Ive chosen to go with 9mm as my caliber and i dont really like the sub-compact size so i will try to go with a full size, 1911s are my favorite pistol no doubt but ive never shot one and 7-10 rounds doesnt seem enough for a beginner. I was dead set on the xdm9 but till recently i noticed the sr9 light weight and the comfort in handling the m&p.

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