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How many of you have designated each person in your family a task in an emergency situation?Well,I mean,a little while of bad trouble.I have figured this out to a small extent.If the $*%& hits the fan and we need to bring guns to bear,my wife will be a loader.She will be responsible for loading mags,and other tasks related to a firefight but not actually pulling the trigger.My sun and me will be shooters.The boy at fifteen years of age,actually shoots better than me.I taught him well.The wife will also be cooking whatever we hunt and kill,if it comes to that,while we are doing other,equally important tasks.So,I guess my question is,have you decided who will be shooters and who will be loaders?If you have,who will occupy what position?

I think the scenario of being attacked by a concentrated force of the Taliban is remote. Preparing to take on a platoon of agressors is probably not necessary. Most of us will never have to deal with a Waco-like governmental assault . . . yet.

Personally, I think what I have prepared...full magazines in maybe a couple of home defense weapons in preparation for 1 or 2 dipshits making a bad decision...will suffice. The real "preparedness" plan is to teach everyone how to successfully defend themselves should they find themselves being threatened.

However, should it happen that The Bastids are coming up Main Street in force of numbers and looking for you, I think the best you can do, having trained everyone to be an independent personal defender, is take as many of them with you as possible. The concept of defeating, essentially alone, an overwhelming force is storybook stuff. An organized agressive force will undoubtedly have resources against which you will not be able to prevail, Arnold Schwartzenegger movies notwithstanding.

One man's opinion.
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ours' is simple (and simple is usually better): the ol' lady takes a cell phone (land lines can be cut) and whatever i throw her (probably a snub .38) and barricades herself in daughters' room. I have long gun pointed at door making sure all non-police are denied access. This works for us because of our apartment's layout on the third floor; bedrooms on one side and both entry/exits on the other. Nothing fancy, just control entry points 'til police arrive.
We have touched on it some but need to talk about it in more detail. My son and daughter are both grown and out of th house so most of the time at home or out somewhere it is just my wife an I. We both carry. One thing we have talked about is at a resturant. I try and set where I can see the door. I have told my wife if I reach for my gun and yell get down to hit the floor and stay out of my line of fire.
Take the same idea and put it towards a bug-out. It would be a good idea to have each member do a task in.... lets say 5 min and the bus is pulling out. I live near a nuke facil. and my wife and I have talked about an issue there could cause us to need to do just that: Bug-Out! I have a large family and this would be a good idea to have each with a task to do at the command "Bug Out!"
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My wife and I only have one son still at home. Since he's 20 and short lived around our household (please, please,please), tecnically it only me and her. We noth have Bug-Out-Bags and my Kimber has it own special spot in my Maxpedition Jumbo. Now that she's waiting on her CCW license, I'm sure she'll be "modifying/upgrading" her BOB, accordingly. Since I travel a lot, I've told her to figure out how many miles away I am from home if TSHTF, and multiply that by twenty. If I'm not home in that many days, it's time for her to take off. We are currently tring to arrange a new place to meet survive, if that ever happens.
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