A Great Chance To Put A Super Pro-gunner In Congress


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California's very conservative (and pro-gun) 4th Congressional District has just turned into an "open" seat with the retirement of Congressman John Doolittle. Conservative former state legislator Rico Oller has thrown his hat into the ring, making this race GOA's Number One target for a house seat in the entire country.

A couple of points about this race. The registration numbers show 48% of the district as Republican and 30% as Democrat -- so whoever wins the Republican primary clearly is the next Congressman. Especially since the Democrat is an ultra-liberal card-carrying (really!) member of the ACLU.

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Next point. That California primary is mere months away, so everything we can do for Rico Oller needs to be done NOW. That's why GOA is asking every member of our team to use the web to send Rico Oller your most generous on-line campaign contribution as soon as possible. If you can send additional donations during the few months ahead, we urge you to do so.

Point three. Rico has a primary opponent in former liberal Republican Congressman Doug Ose. During Ose's six years in Congress, he earned a GOA "F" on every single one of our ratings for house members.

Ose voted IN FAVOR of keeping the Washington D.C. gun ban. He voted to outlaw individual sales at gun shows. He voted for mandatory sale of trigger locks for any handgun sold. He voted to silence outside groups like GOA at election time.

Doug Ose probably has his picture framed and hanging on the wall at Handgun Control Inc. (now the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence), since he was one of their best friends in Congress.

In contrast -- Rico Oller was a perfect "A" rated member of the California Legislature during his tenure. And, Rico is the human equivalent of the "energizer bunny." This guy is a type A++ personality, who never stops campaigning and promoting our Second Amendment rights. Every time Gun Owners has an event in California, Rico Oller is there, promoting our organization and the Second Amendment. And he will be there for gun owners all over the country when he is elected to Congress.

But he needs our help! Rico's big opponent, Doug Ose, is personally wealthy and will put substantial amounts of his own money into the campaign, along with money from liberal groups around the nation.

We need to step up and make sure this solid conservative pro-gun congressional seat is filled with "one of ours!" Please use the url below and send Rico Oller your most generous contribution right now. Then, please be sure to let all of your pro-gun friends and family know about this great opportunity. Thank you.

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Let's hope he does well. With the possibility looming that Barack Obama may win the presidency this fall, we need all the pro gun politicians we can get at the state level.

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