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Hello all and I have been looking for a good open carry holster mainly for the Springfield XD40 4". I have open carried around when we go on a walk or what but am wanting to when we go to town. The holster I have used around for the little walks the wifey likes to take is the XD gear and I am not to partial to it. I would like somthing that really secures the gun and lessens the chance for the gun grabber to get it from me. I have dont the research and feel that I have the situational awareness and am very comfortable with my weapon. I have been carring my SW99 IWB chambered but dont like the idea of chambering the XD under my clothes. I am also not very partial to the retention strap over the top of the weapon.

Thanks for any advice.

I carry my Glock in a serpa and I love it. If you practice with it it becomes second nature to release it.
see Southern Holsters, LLC

I have the Sharkskin Savannah in Antique Chestnut with the body shield. It holds my S'field xd9sc very well and also the xd45c until I sold that one. They have many nice styles in stock but this one was custom made and the wait was about 4 wks....$85 + shipping.
Well I am not going to quote everyones post but I do believe it looks like a popular choice and now that I have looked at it I have to say the serpa will be my next holster purchase. I ordered the Kholster a few days ago and according to there site and jimmy it should be at my home before me (better then after) All I have to do now is decide which serpa I wont, I am leaning on the matte black, tell the wife "Hey I am buying this and thats how it is, if thats ok with you honey" and again it should be there before me so then the next big choice will be which one to try first? Or maybe both, oc the xd and cc the S&W99, lol well thanks for all your help and pointing me in what seems to be a great direction.
Well just to let everyone know I have recieved both my new holsters and am (not so paitently) awaiting to try and test them, should be less then 2 weeks. cant wait and happy thanksgiving to everyone.

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