A funny thing happened this morning...

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I am copying this post from one I made on the Tennessee Gun Owners forums a little while ago. I had included street names and what not because a number of forum members live in Memphis as I do. I also have to mention that the Memphis area received between 5 and 18 inches of snow last night depending on the location, and the only snow plow in the city is at the airport.

Due to the weather last night my girlfriend was forced to stay with me rather than drive back to Covington. Yes, it was Hell for me, but I soldiered through it.

About 10 this morning we decided to walk to the Cupboard restaurant on Union, a journey of a couple of blocks. We both enjoyed our greasy-spoon type breakfasts and started walking back about 45 minutes later. Up ahead a little ways was a bum of about 45 years old I am used to seeing in the area. He saw us coming and proceeded to industriously pick up some pieces of cardboard out of the snow on the sidewalk and place them against a nearby storefront. As we neared him he cheerfully called out "Good Morning Sir!" and I responded with one word: "Nope!" while shaking my head.

The transformation was interesting. He started yelling stuff like "Obama in the White House got the white folk scared!", "We in the the White House Now!", "OBAMA!", "WHOOO!", and the like, while doing a half dance half strut. At first it seemed like he was going to let us walk past him, but I was going to have no part of that and slowed our walk substantially. He started walking up the sidewalk in front of us dancing, strutting, yelling, and looking back at us a lot. He was in no way demonstrating an intent to do more than taunt us, and kept ahead of us a decent ways on the walk. This continued until we got to McNeil St. where I hit the crossing button at the light to cross over Union. At this point I have to tell you his antics had both my girlfriend and I laughing out loud. The guy was pretty funny to watch.

He crossed over McNeil, putting a good bit of distance between us, I am a fairly big guy I might add, and then changed his tune while we were waiting for the light. Now he started calling me a "Punk Assed Cracker MFer" and my girlfriend a "White B!tch Ho!". My country-girl girlfriend looked at him way over across the street and mentioned to me, "He certainly is a brave one. Explain to me again why you live in Midtown?"

I hope I see him again soon, because I want to thank him for giving my girlfriend and I new "pet names" for each other. We are having fun with them!

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