A Few Words Concerning The 1911


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Disclosure Notice: I stole this from another poster on another forum. Split hairs, disagree, and "actually" all you like. I like it and I think a few others might as well. So here it is. Enjoy....

.45: For when you want to send the very best.

.45 is like 9mm for adults!

45 ACP: Because a 9mm MIGHT expand, but a 45 will NEVER shrink

.45 ACP: Because they don't make a .46 (Alternate: Why do I carry a .45? Because John Browning never designed a .46!)

.45 ACP: Because some people aren't worth shooting twice.

.45 ACP: Because you don't need double stacked fifteen round mags when you are carrying the Lords round of choice.

.45 ACP: Because shooting twice is silly!

.45 ACP Hollowpoint: The only round capable of carrying water to your horse.

1911: If you can't conceal a Howitzer, carry the next best thing.

1911: Sic deus dilexit mundum (For God so loved the world)

1911: Losers would use something less.

1911: It's like a Glock for men!

1911: Giving Glock owners something to ***** about since before Gaston Glock was born. (John was a forward thinker!)

1911: Fear no man, no matter his size, for I am the equalizer.

1911: Because if pistols were supposed to be made out of Tupperware, John would have made it that way.

1911: Because Tupperware belongs in the kitchen, not on the range.

1911: After two World Wars and one Cold War, it still goes bang every time.

1911: Even 100 years later, it's still the best defensive pistol the world has ever own.

Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun, the caliber of which does not start with a ".4"

1911: Because God is on our side.

1911: It ain't designed for *******.

1911: Because a Glock may go off in your pants.

1911: Because real guns aren't microwave safe and made from recycled baby bottles.

1911: Why would you pistol whip someone with anything else?

1911: Because pistol whipping someone with plastic won't get your point across.

1911: It's almost a four letter word.

1911: Upholding the promise to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, for an entire century.

1911: For when you come to grips with the fact that the game of life is single elimination.

1911: Because a cop won't fit in your holster.

1911: Given by God on the mountain-top to John Moses Browning to smite thy enemies.

1911: If I want a plastic gun, I'll buy a BB gun from Wal Mart.

1911: Very few changes in 100 years of service. (Can't say that about many other handguns...)

1911: Like Right Guard, anything less would be uncivilized.

Idiot Scratch: Because you're an idiot. (Only 1911 guys will really understand this one...)

Rifles are for fighting your way back to the 1911.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for I carry the baddest ******* pistol John Moses Browning could design.

Providing the enemy to die for their country since 1911.

The muzzle of a 1911 pretty much says "go away" in any language. ("The muzzle end of a .45 pretty much says "go away" in every language." -Clint Smith)

It is a little known fact that a 1911, loaded with 230gr. JHP is the only thing in the universe that Chuck Norris is afraid of.

The lusty Colt- The trusty Colt

The weapon democratic

Whose vicious might

Makes men one height

The Army automatic

"And Lo they didst chamber it for calibers whose numbers starteth with less than the Holy Number 4, and the Lord did cause great grief amongst these men when their enemies, who were struck in battle with the lesser calibers, did not fall but continued to do great harm."

-The Gospel according to John Moses Browning, 19:11

"Of course the 1911 is an outdated design. It came from an era when weapons were designed to win fights, not to avoid product liability lawsuits. It came from an era where it was the norm to learn how your weapon operated and to practice that operation until it became second nature, not to design the piece to the lowest common denominator. It came from an era in which our country tried to supply its fighting men with the best tools possible, unlike today, when our fighting men and women are issued hardware that was adopted because of international deal-making or the fact that the factory is in some well-connected congressman's distract. Yes, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the 1911 IS an outdated design... and that's exactly what I love about it."

-Rosco S. Benson

"The 1911 pistol remains the service pistol of choice in the eyes of those who understand the problem. Back when we audited the FBI academy in 1947, I was told that I ought not to use my pistol in their training program because it was not fair. Maybe the first thing one should demand of his sidearm is that it be unfair."

-Col. Jeff Cooper, about the 1911 Pistol

"Pistols do not win wars, but they save the lives of the men who do. The noble 1911 is a mechanical marvel, whose ruggedness, dependability and ferocious power have comforted four issues of GIs, and which, unlike any other instrument you can name, is as much superior to its rivals as it was in 1917."

-Col. Jeff Cooper, about the 1911 Pistol, January, 1968

"We have long maintained that the only accessories that a 1911 needs are a trigger you can manage, sights that you can see, and a dehorning job. That still goes."

-Col. Jeff Cooper, about the 1911 Pistol

"The 1911 was the design given by God to us through John M. Browning that represents the epitome of what a killing tool needs to be. It was true in 1911 and is true now."

-Col. Robert J. Coates, USMC


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Good stuff. Self-serving and on the verge of being a little too defensive ("methinks she doth protest too much") but clever and funny none the less :no:


One only has to open any gun magazine today and look at all the other copy cats, very flatering for an out dated weapon. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

Bighouse Doc

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Nothing outdated about the 1911. I do not believe however, that pistol development ended in 1911.

While I like 45 acp, there is nothing magic about it. A 9mm ripping through heart, great vessels or CNS always does better than a 45 in the arm, or empty lungs.



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Nothing outdated about the 1911. I do not believe however, that pistol development ended in 1911.-Doc

If you are a pistol enthusiast you should have one in the collection for no other reason than from a historical perspective being at the time of development it was so far ahead anything else....and the design has obviously stood the test of time.

Not only that...but...come on it's a "1911"


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I am a great fan of the 1911 I have a real honest WWI Colt 45 I found in a pawn shop in 1965 and bought for $40 cash. I still have it but with a new bbl and a re-blue job the rest is all original. I also have two Kimber's a 5"&3" also a newer designed 1911 type a Para LDA.

I really love the .45acp have a Springfield XD-45 and a HK USP Compact .45.

As much as I like the .45s I carry a Glock23 .40 and my HK USP Compact .40 Why because I like the higher Mag. capacity both handguns give me, and the .40 still packs a lot of fire power punch.


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While I like 45 acp, there is nothing magic about it. A 9mm ripping through heart, great vessels or CNS always does better than a 45 in the arm, or empty lungs.


The key is hitting in the zone. A .45 in the Humerus vs a 9mm? I'll take the .45.
Make the first one count. PERIOD.


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I carried the 1911A1 in the Army as my issue firearm for 15 years. I also carrieed the 1911A1 for 15 more years with the DoD, I competed with the 1911A1 for almost 25 years while in the Army and with the DoD. This waat I found with an original 1911A1 by Colt. Springfingfield, Thompson all military issue, they do not lime the hollowpoint ammunition as these firearms were developed for the 230 grain round nose FMJ bullet, and yes they will kill the perp/enemy if you can hit your target with shot pkacement under pressure. I love the 1911A1 as it saved my butt a few times, I did have a Series 80 that I dispised until a gun smith said he could fix the problen for the cost of parts and 40% off the labor. I took the deal and it became my favorite firearm of all thime.


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Since you "borrowed" the post, I felt free to "share" it with some other friends on another forum. I added your disclaimer as well.

Thanks for finding/sharing this. I love it.

I've bought and sold a lot of pistols in my life. However, I've never SOLD a 1911. Maybe that's why I have five of them.:laugh:


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1911: because life is to short to go through with an ugly weapon. Sorry, had to add on. I do love my 1911's.


Had a 1911, it just didnt point well for me, imagine that, having to AIM the darn thing, lol ......but I have a Browning High Power that points so naturally it is scary.... Wouldnt count out owning another 1911, but right now, finances dictate that all my firearms be practical (for me) rather than just to have one....

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