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Just got my CPL and I want to clear some questions related to everyday carry, I did try to search first but I am not 100% sure I got my answers. Thanks in advance for help.

1) Liability - it is my understanding that if my gun is stolen from a glove compartment in a locked vehicle (smash & grab type scenario) I am not liable for it being used in a crime as long as I report the theft in a timely manner (and I mean both criminal and civil liability). Is this correct ? I looked at several gun vaults and the common problem with them is that I can't put my gun there without taking time & drawing attention (I am driving a small sedan so I don't have much space to operate in, any small safe tucked under the seat would require me to exit the vehicle to get to the lock).

2) The definition of a "child care". My kids have after school sports. I drop them off & pick them up an hour later. According to my tax guy, this is considered a childcare for tax purposes, since I am paying them to watch my kids for me. Does it also mean this is considered a gun-free zone by MI law ?

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MCRGO,org has a lot of information for Michigan CPL holders.

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Both schools and child care facilities are GFZ's in MI.

Michigan pistol-free areas:

MSP - Pistol Free Areas

As for your liability should your gun be stolen from inside your locked vehicle: First, I AM NOT A LAWYER. Second, you have no liability for action resulting from another person's illegal action (stealing your gun from a locked vehicle), but you *are* liable for something that happens because of a situation that (the jury or the prosecutor decides) you should have prepared for. ASK A LAWYER.

I use a gun vault that I have cabled to the seat frame. Depending what I'm wearing, I sometimes need to step out of my SUV to clip my holster back onto my belt. I minimize the change for being spotted doing so by being careful were I park, how I stand while re-arming, and keeping aware of who has line of sight on me while I re-arm.
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No you are not liable if your gun is stolen.
MI has no laws requiring you to lock your gun up other then transporting without a CPL.

The place you drop your kids off probably is a child care but the parking lot is NOT a PFZ.
You may leave your gun in your car to drop them off or pick them up.
Gun in glove box, locked or not, is legal. I may not be the smartest or safest but it is legal.
Vehicle in sight, two min to pick up kids, I wouldn't worry about it unless I saw an unsavory type hanging around.

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