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I was feeling a little down, so thoguht, why not improve the day and go to the range. (I was the best dressed man on the range, sporting a navy blazer, gray slacks and white polo). I loaded up and took my slug gun and 3 handguns to the range.

started by firing off 9 slugs - I fired off 5 as fast as I could. MISTAKE. Man, did my body take a beating. <g>, but I loved it. reloaded with 5 more, and after 4, decided that 9 was enough. (Beretta 1201fp)

Then moved to the S&W snubbie Mod36, fired 5 rounds of old ammo, then 10 rounds of +P. What a difference with the +P, the regular ammo felt like a pop gun, the +P was far snappier. I liked it.

Then moved to the G21sf, laid out 8 preloaded 13rd mags. Went thru half of them, 2 shots at at time wigh double hand grip. then put on my laser, and practiced single hand shooting with it.

Finally, the 30sf. 8 mags of 10, and did about the same as with the 21sf, double handed for 4, then some single had shooting w/o laser for the remaining 4 mags.

Got out the speed wipes, wiped down the 30sf, ran the bore snake thru it, loaded a mag with JHPs, and it went back in its place in my Kramer IWB.

I left the range still stuffy and coughing from a bad cold, but felt a lot better mentally (and have more brass to put into the reload pile).

There is nothing like going to the range to perk up a day. My son and I went Saturday and spent a couple of hours just shooting our .22 rifles. It is GREAT therapy!
All I can say about those slugs is OUCH! I had an S&W 36 at one time and could kick myself for getting rid of it. My policy now is NO SELLING MY GUNS! I picked up a Ruger SP-101 a couple of months ago and I love it. It is a handful with the .357 loads. I have a Glock 23 which I really enjoy shooting. The great thing about the shooting sports is that there is a flavor for everyone. Good luck, Joe.


The smell of burnt powder is a great cure for the common cold...I think its written in a medical book somewhere....haha...I spent about three hours in the desert the other day with my boy plinkin with the 45's and 22's had a great time. Isn't it also strange how you seem to lose track of time when your out there?
I could be there all day and it would seem like an hour...my wife hates it...phone rings whole time..devil woman
I went to the local indoor range today. I wanted to zero the scopes on my Henry H001 Lever .22 and on my old Marlin Model 60. I relaxed, took my time and enjoyed the time I was there. The zeroing mission was accomplished and I left there feeling refreshed and stress free. Maybe we can start a new "Stress Therapy" company and offer stress reduction classes at the range.
Yes - a day at the range....we have a local indoor range here in TN - Friday night are Ladies Night - range fees are FREE!!!! Boy, that work week seems to just melt way after shooting a several rounds... All of the frustration, and aggravation and crap from the MAN - just gone, and the rest of the weekend is a blast...
CAN NOT WAIT FOR FRIDAY... Gives new meaning to Working for the Weekend....:pleasantry:

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