A constitutional question

No I know for a fact he is living in Georgia.I also choose the one closest to my beliefs that has the best chance of winning. Thats why I did not vote for mickey mouse I was afarid he would win,and he is a little goofey

Kwo51 it seems I'm at a loss as to your meaning but it seems to go beyond the scope of this thread.


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Chad moved to georgia about 3 years ago. I would hate to vote for Gulinai just because he was the only against billery.


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There's something I've been thinking about as a result of recent posts...

We don't lose our freedom of speech, or religion, right to a fair trial, right to be secure in our homes or persons, etc when we are convicted of a felony. Why then do we lose our right to bear arms?

To someone who believes that the 2nd amendment is a collective right, this question isn't even worth asking. But what about those who believe it is an individual right?

I'm asking this as a constitutional question, not as a utilitarian question. Utilitarian-wise, it's very clear why this might be desired. Whether this is constitutionally justifiable is my question. This is an open question, but particularly I'd like to hear Woody's opinion on this.

I agree.

It is all about choice and accountability. We have choice and with it, if we chose poorly, we have accountability.



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If all firearms were outlawed then excons would not want them, or be able to get them.If all illegal allens and excon voted we would be gone.

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