A chilling reminder.....

This is why we shouldn't argue with a cop who's drawn his gun.

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A very tragic incident.


Not sure from the article what he was doing in a strip club but police officers should remember that they are in the public eye and should always try to set an example for others.
Another question is why was he wearing brass knuckles?

I am not going to argue with a cop. I may report him later for treating me inappropriately, but I'll do whatever he says at the time.

I feel very bad for the officer that shot him. How could he have known he was a cop when he drew his gun.
And for the rest of the story. Poor kid that shot him. arerage time for officer after shooting is 5 years on the force.
Sad as it is, like others have stated what was he doing at a strip club in the first place. Also if he was an officer he should have known better. There is a lot more to this than what is being told here.

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