9th Circuit Court Decision supporting 2nd Amendment.


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The 9th Circuit federal court has recently issued a statement that the state of California requirements for CCW are not in compliance with the 2nd amendment. Some counties have denied permits all together and some have pulled them back and restricted them. The question in my mind is if the Supreme Court agrees with the 9th circuit court will this also be applied to open carry? Could we open carry unloaded and then quick load as needed? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The law in California is that if you are issued a CCW in one county it is good in all counties but I am pretty sure local Sheriffs have violated that and individuals do not have the funding or time to fight it in court. Maybe we need to issue cards for each CCW permit that states the law for police officers and sheriffs to remind them that CCW is legal even if it is from another county?
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Open carry - probably not. The thought in the courts is that if some carry is permitted, other forms may be regulated/prohibited. It's the near total lack of any ability for any law particular abiding person to carry at all that is the crux of this decision. If shall issue CC becomes the law, don't expect to see any movement on OC.

All the laws that need to be treated equally probably won't fit on a card, unless you have a microfiche reader. A small printed pamphlet - in places like CA everyone who carries should keep one handy. That goes for other repressive areas as well.


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Cops who are already in the mindset of ignoring the second amendment aren't likely to take the time to read your pamphlet, nor to care what it says if by long shot they did read it. Best to know and stay within the law, and be ready to take them apart one wallet at a time when they violate those rights. This battle is better won by financially taking them apart, a law doesn't mean as much to them.


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I'm still astounded the 9th Circuit acknowledges that there really is a second amendment... Wow.

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