9mm won't protect you?

I don't care what anyone says about the 9mm, I'll still carry my .45 ACP.

I have two carry guns...one is a full size .40S&W Baby Desert Eagle, the other is a full size .45ACP HK USP45.
There is a reason for this. both are designed to function come hell or high water. My son has a great 9mm...the Sig P226. If I had to carry a nine, it would either be the SIG P226 or the HK USP9. I carried the Beretta M-9 while I was active duty...great gun but really bulky for a 9MM ( I never had a bit of problems with it). My buddy who is a retired Marine absolutely hates the M-9. He suffered two failures during his 20 year career. One was a training incident that rendered the gun a club due to slide stop failure, the other was an internal mechanical failure that rendered the weapon a club at a time when he needed it most and had it not been for the Marine next to him pulling him out of harms way...he would be a white cross in a Veterans Cemetery
I Prefer 9mm myself I carry what I practie with practice with what I carry.

Don't get me wrong 45 ACP is great, but can get really expensive and I feel very comfortable with gold dots in 9 for defense.

As stated much better to hit with 9 then miss with a larger round.
Carry whatever your comfortable with and then pratice, practice, practice, personaly I have at least one of each caliber, and I rotate them every couple of weeks, but they are all glocks, so there not much differant to shoot, the Miltary has differant needs so there really is no comparison, but the various police agency's use all of them some use 9s some 40s and some 45s and 357 Sigs, but the reserch I have done indicate's the 40 is used most
A 9mm center mass will stop the BG. No doubt about it. Seems a lot of folks think they will put a couple in the box and that will the end of that! (I am not discounting the fact that most 9s have a lot more rounds that the average 45.) It would be interesting to know how the reaction would be to a non-center mass shot. Is a 9 or 45 better? I am sure there is some data out there somewhere.

I really don't know, just asking the question... But I would think that the 45 would cause more ache than that 9. Just my thought.

Not much will cause ache to a crack head....Best to introduce him to a heart stopping experience and it still may take a few seconds..
The Full Picture on 9mm

It is good to debate and evaluate the attributes of defensive equipment including ammo. It is important to remember that a theory may feel super and last a long time and then meet facts to the contrary. We should strive to know and discover the truth of the degree of effectiveness as this makes our preparedness more honorable.

Personally, I like most calibers and feel that it is up to the individual to understand themselves and decide the level of threat they would like to be able to stop. (In my understanding, according to statistical info, the 22LR is the cartridge most used in self-defense and that has killed the most assailants. Morgue workers tells us that these bullets ricochet wildly inside the body.)

If you are familiar with the reasons that a larger caliber was sought from 38, and why the FBI sought a round more effective than the 9mm- you have considered field situations that may turn a theory over.

For most self-defense situations, with good hollow-point ammo, 9mm is thoroughly adequate. For some situations, if you are good and fast with follow-up shots you might accomplish your work, but a .45, 357, 357 Sig or 40 could make a positive difference.
Is a .22 a pistol caliber? Or a rifle caliber? I always thought of it as a rifle caliber, and that handguns were made to be able to fire them. Another example, the .410 being a shotgun shell that a handgun was made for (judge).

I once shot a .410 derringer. It was the most vile and evil recoil I have ever felt in a handgun.

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