9mm suggestions


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CZ RAMI 9mm for $500

USP Compact .357sig $550 new at CDNN right now... used 9mm probably around $500

I won't recommend a glock 26 just because condition 0 carry scares the bejeezus out of me, but I know some folks are fine with it.


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I have been reading on different forums about the Sig P6/225. It is the consensus of most owners that the P6 will not reliably feed hollow point ammo.

The gun was designed for the German police who only use hard ball ammo. The feed ramp may give you problems with defense loads.

The general agreement is to purchase a factory 225 barrel to fix this reliability problem.

Glad to know the info and a possible fix. I have not tried hollow-points yet, but know a couple of individuals experiencing the troubles you describe. Now I have to decide whether to drop another $250 for a new barrel, or if I should just use polymer-ball hollow points or frangible ammunition.
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My choice - SA XD9 SC

Hi, I am a medium build female and have shot many different guns before I chose mine. Glock, Taurus, S & W (M&P), Ruger, Charles Daly, CZ, Bersa Thunder, etc. None of them felt perfect until I got my hands on the Springfield XD9 compact. Ideally, it would be best to shoot many before deciding but if that's not possible take her to a gun store with a large selection and have her try the grip. It needs to feel good to her. I found the trigger reach to be important to me, then how my hands gripped it and how it lined up (my arms and the sight alignment.) Hope this helps.
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weight vs recoil

As my wife and I have not found a local range that rents guns to try out, I was wondering how much the recoil changes as weight decreases? How would a 18oz 9mm compare to my 29oz 45acp? Ive shot a kel tec 9mm (too small an too few rounds for me anyway) and it felt hard to control. (I think it was about 12oz) the guns we have been looking at hold 12 or 13 rounds so the loaded weight and 3 fingers on the grip should make a big diferance. I dont want a gun that is too hard for her to carry, but it still needs to be fun to shoot. Maybe I need to make friends with my local shop owner.


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Perhaps you would want to try the XD9SC? This would be a perfect gun for smaller hands, it's lighter and easy to conceal. I have the 9M version and also the XD40SC in .40Cal... They are very accurate and make great every day carry guns.


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Awesome gun

Just got back from shooting my XD9 SC. Put over 100 runs through her and every one on target. The trigger was smooth and light - no recoil at all for me. I'm not petite nor am I large but after all the guns I have shot my XD is truly the greatest!


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Took my wife to her first gun show today, and after checking out everything possible over the last 6 weeks she finally decided on a CZ 2075 Rami. I suggested the CZ, as she loves my Baby Eagle and the reason we didn't get her the Eagles was because they now have the slide saftey decocker rather than the frame safety of the older models.

I was also able to get a good deal on some 7.62 x 39, as I have 2 AK Romy kits on their way.

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