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Been carrying an Kahr PM9 for several years. Its a sweet shooting little gun and made like a Swiss clock. Recently decided to go to a manual safety for pocket carry and picked a Ruger LC9 after seeing the updated Kahr was twice the price. The Ruger does not handle or feel as good to me as the Kahr. I have fairly big hands, so what feels like a slightly shorter grip is a factor. My LC9 also has a slide that is very loose and can be moved about 1/16" or so to either side. Not very precise. Haven't fired the Ruger enough for a real comparison, but it seems accurate enough at self defense ranges of 25 feet or less. Anyone else have comments about the LC9?

All the guns mentioned here will serve you well. I prefer the Glock but if you go from a Kahr to almost anything else you might as well expect it to be a step down. If you rode a Harley for years how happy would you be with another bike? If you want an exterior safety then by all means get one, but never count on a mechanical safety, anything mechanical can fail.
Slide to frame fit has little to no affect on accuracy it's all in the front & rear barrel lockup
I like the g26 or an xd9 sub compact. The XD and the glock both have the safe action trigger, and the XD has a grip safety. The grip safety may not be what you are looking for, but it is an extra safety option for you.

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