90 Days in Durham: No Exceptions


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In any other county it will probably take less time in fact I know someone who got their Concealed Carry in Wake County (the next county over from Durham County) got theirs in five weeks. However, Durham shall make you wait. So, for those in NC just remember that in case you wanted to move to Durham.

Here in SC< a persons CWP is issued by State Law Enforcement Div, (SLED), and it takes around 90 days, no matter what county your in............. Good luck, Be Safe !
Sad part is... I am a Law Enforcement Officer (Corrections) and they already had my paperwork and background checks with the state, however, the county doesn't trust the state. Strange.
I am in Moore County and it took 87 days to get my CCP. Seems more the rule rather than the exception.

I lived in Durham from 1992 until 2001. To buy a handgun you needed the sheriff dept's permission. It was a process to submitt the request then wait 2 weeks for approval or not. You could not go to another county and buy one either. Once they saw your DL they wanted the letter from the sheriff's dept. DUH!
Handgun registration

Do they still make you register your handgun with the Durham Co. Sheriff's dept?

I also heard they're trying to make you register when purchasing ammo.

I've been in Durham for 9 years now. You still need to get a pistol permit from Sherrif's office to buy a pistol. You can get two at a time. But only 5 per year. I can't afford to buy 5 guns a year anyway but I thought that was stringent. I just got my conceal carry permit and it did not take them the entire 90 days. They called me a little after two months and said I could come get it. I think it was a little more than 60 days.

Also, the retired officer that taught my ccw class said even though durham county says you have to register the gun, you don't really have to. Reason is, the place you bought it already keeps a record of it.
Welcome to the show, from Moore county.

That is good timing on your CC.

And I haven't registered jack! All the paperwork they file when you buy; that is plenty of info.

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