7Th court backs up Sotomayor's ruling on the 2nd


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It amazes me that ANYONE could argue that 2A only applies to the Federal Govt. and not state or local. If that is true, then the same would be true for the entire Constitution. So, a state may ban free speech, have a state trooper kick in your door without a warrant, drag you into court by your hair, prop you up in front of a judge without counsel or a jury present. Then the judge may decide on his own that your spoken words were infact in violation of state law, bang his gavel, pull out an axe :butcher:and lop off your head, just so long as it was all done within the state and not on a federal level.

OK, so let's use one of the lefts pet issues (say it with me): ABORTION

Since SCOTUS found that abortion was somehow constitutionally protected, but the Constitution doesn't apply to the states, that means that the states are free to make and enforce their own laws regarding abortion, right? (For which an offender might lose their head:butcher:)

Not sure that is what the Founders had in mind.:no:

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