5N1 EDC tactical knife from Fight Fast


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Just checking to see if anyone received the email offer for the 5N1 EDC tactical knife from fightfast.com and if anyone purchased the knife. They are giving it away free but you have to pay $9.95 for shipping. The knife seems pretty decent. I'm just not sure about it or the company.


About 2 months or-so ago I purchased one from Fight Fast. It's okay. I'm no survivalist or Hunter, but I like it. The little mini flashlight on it came in handy for adding oil to my car, or fumbling for a particular key, until the battery died a couple of weeks later; just haven't bothered to replace it yet. It's an ok knife, for the shipping cost, in my opinion.

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It does 5 things, none of them very good.

You always should carry a separate flashlight. You can't take your knife that doubles as a flashlight on an airplane, for example. You also don't want to pull out your knife when you need a flashlight. A knife is a deadly weapon.

Get a quality folding knife that is carried with the tip up. See the video below on why.

For a glass breaker, carry a Link Removed. It also functions as an emergency cutting tool (e.g., emergency seat-belt cutter) when you have no knife on you. You can carry the resqme on an airplane.

If you only have one knife, do not make it this one. For all the reasons bofh listed, this is inappropriate as your only knife, your only flash light, etc. I'm not sure it really makes sense to have only one of anything.

That said, for ten bucks, this is a useful tool that can be a good addition to what you have already, or a starting place for buying what else you need. Amazon lists it for $52. At that price it's a ripoff.

Fightfast has some interesting products, and sometimes you can get them for a good price. Do not fall for the high anxiety sales pitches --> "We only have 100 of these, hurry order now before we are forced to stop offering them at the low, low price of, the government doesn't want YOU to know."

As long as you don't believe the hype, and don't expect to get the secrets of the universe for ten dollars, both company and product are fair.

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