58 in a 40, oops


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Got pulled over by a NYS Trooper this morning.

He first asked if I knew why and I told him I was "going a litte too quick back there" My #1 rule is don't lie to a trooper.

He asks for L&R and I open my wallet and take out my License at which time he sees my Carry Permit.

He asks "whats that other ID you have there" and I told him it was my pistol permit.

He handed my license back to me, told me to watch my speed and have a nice day.

I never asked for a break or even intended to show the permit to him. I WAS speeding and was prepared to take the ticket like a man.

Nice to see an, honest gun toteing, citizen get a little respect.

I was pretty shocked.



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Mostly all of my experiences with NYS Troopers have been positive, but I never volunteer the fact that I'm carrying - in NY, there is no legal requirement to do so. If the situation involved a pat-down, then I naturally would make known the fact that I'm armed BEFORE things got out of hand!


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Tag, that Trooper gave you one heck of a break.

Speeding Tickets can be used to show an "indifference to the law" and be used against you when it comes time to renew your Permit. It may not be "fair" but lots of people will look at it like this, "Do we want someone who disregards the most simple laws out in public carrying a deadly handgun that is only used to kill people?

You and I both know that guns are only a tool, but the general public doesn't see it that way. If you routinely break spped limits, what other laws do you or will you break is what a smart Judge would be asking him or her self.



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I agree I got a huge break.

I'm not a speeder. I have not had a ticket in over 15 years. I will also say that I'm an even more careful and courteous driver since getting my permit a few years ago.

In no way do I take this incident for granted and expect this kind of treatment in the future. I do not plan on testing this anytime soon.

My excuse for speeding? There is none. I was not familiar with the area and did not notice the limt change from 55 to 40. My bad. Oh wait, I could blame my wife for taking her to the airport at 4:30am, or maybe the construction on 87 that caused me to get off onto route 9 to avoid the construction for the ride back home, or maybe I should have had that second cup of coffee to wake me up. No wait, there was no excuse.


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