.45acp vs 9mm

My carry caliber of choice is...

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God Bless Our Troops!!!
The military uses both calibers...Which is preferred as a carry round???

And Why???

Main reason I went with a .45 for a carry gun was cause I found a great deal on a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Originally I was going to go with a XD9 but found a guy at the sheriff’s office selling his slightly used Kimber for $450. Couldn't pass that up. Then with a little practice can shoot it just as well as a 9mm.

I like the extra weight and diameter of the .45 but I think the .40 and 9mm are also affective defensive rounds. I feel whatever you can shoot the best with should be what you carry. Scoring 3 hits with a 9mm is better the scoring 3 missing with a .45.
I voted for the 9 only because I carry the 9 more often. If I'd have my druthers, I'd vote for both the 9 and the 45 because I'm familiar with both. I'm sure that what others prefer is probably different than what I prefer, especially if you consider that most men have larger hands and/or more upper body strength than I have, being a medium-sized woman. My Beretta 9mm is slightly smaller than my Colt 45mm and it weighs slightly less, though I believe the stopping power of both to be similar. Also, I really don't mind the weight of either when I consider the alternative.:no:
Hi Festus,
I am not sure if this statement is completely accurate today:
"The military uses both calibers." The M1911A1 (.45) I carried until 1990 was a great stopper, but lacked the mag capacity so we ended up with the Beretta M9, a 9mm, it became the standard side-arm/pistol for most branches of service by around 1992, granted Army Deltas & SF, Navy SEALS, some Marine Force-Recon and other 'super-troops' reverted back to the 1911-series [silenced or extended mag varieties] and still use 'em. It's like I said in a long post about the M9 it's not a bad gun, carries a larger ammo load but using ball thru it is kinda like shooting solid wood 155 howitzer rounds, they do not do the damage a JHP would do, but 9mm HP's and 'rigged/poisoned with mercury tips ammo' is not common doctrine, illegal per the good old Geneva Convention, and if used Joe-Public never finds out about it! I don't know of any common military use for a .45 round now nor a weapon that shoots that caliber (except the M1911A1) in standard service unless you are one of those special types who do the black-ops & carry whatever they want. :mad:


Just wanted to point out that the sidearms issued to MCSOCOM are Kimber 1911A1s. Also, it should be noted that all the recent US Military pistol trials have been for a larger capacity handgun (more than the 7 or 8 rounds of the 1911A1) that is chambered in .45ACP.
Each firearm and caliber has a tactical need. Our primary tactical need within the context of this forum is to carry the largest firearm that the CCW holder can effectively handle and conceal.

I carry both depending on the circumstances.

Warmer months; S&W 908 or one of my 3913s
Cooler months; S&W CS45 or 4516-1 or my Para-Ord P-12.45.

I also have a matching pair of S&W CS40s. If Im

During the hot summer months, I carry a single stack 9mm or .40 S&W. When you're wearing light clothing you want to carry a lighter firearm.

Warmer months I'll carry something with higher capacity 10+ rounds in .40 S&W, 10mm or .45 ACP.

We also have some revolver affectionados. 9mm vs. 45 ACP boils down to the .38/.357 vs. .44 debate. I haven't see a thread on it but I am sure one exists on some pro-CCW forum.
Pistols carried by the US Forces as I know them

1911a1 meu/mcssocom
mk23 ussocom
m-9 all forces general usage
p-226 us navy seals
p-226 usaf osi
Nasty Little round

I prefer my HK USP Compact in .357 SIG. I have a XD-9 and a 1911A1 and love them both, but there's something about the .357 SIG w/ a 115 COR-BON or a 125 GOLD DOT that brings out the best in this little 1 hit wonder. When I'm not carrying it I carry a MOD 66, 7 shot, .357 MAG.
well fellas, i personally like my springfield 1911-a1-45. it is my cary gun 24-7, never leave home without it.:dance3:
I only picked .40 S&W because I don't own anything chambered in .45 ACP or .45 GAP (although .45 Long Colt is also a good cartridge). If I did, those would be my primary carry weapons.
Well let the new guy start out by jumping into this age old debate.:biggrin:

Nothing wrong with the 9mm as long as its loaded with a good expanding bullet. I have carried a 9mm in the past and was perfectly comfortable with it.
However, my preference is for a 1911 in .45acp. I like the platform, I like the cartridge and I can shoot it well. And that's what it really boils down to. Caliber is secondary, what really matters is can you shoot what you carry? Go with what you're comfortable and confident with.
Besides, the .45 fits into one of my basic principals of self defense...........
Bigger holes are better! :wink:
Well, I'm and old fart with a bit of Arthritis going on in the hands. Gave the grandson my 1911 for his vacation over in Iraq, and bought a Glock 17. The 9mm is much easier on these old hands...and 17 rounds will get the job done.
Ah yes.

Well I echo most people's sentiment to go with what you shoot well.

However, I am totally biased for the .45 ACP.

Some simple ballistics:

Link Removed from: Link Removed

Link Removed
Link Removed

Then there's a whole other issue. . . Frangible rounds. .

Look at this one:
Link Removed -- not sure of the caliber of this one, but regardless it should make my point. .

And then there's always these:

Of course, neither compares to say a .308. . .
Link Removed (scroll down to the gelatin pictures)

And, here's a tour of the world of shotguns. . . you can see why these are good for home defense. .

And, you can check out the Varmint Grenade. .

<back to topic>

So, you might think about a 9mm in frangibles if you want to make a big problem for a bad guy.

I'm a little person, but I have no problems with my USP-c .45. I like the recoil on it -- which is really smooth. The .45 is a slowish round, and that's a noticeable difference in feel to me.

I can't carry as many bullets as easily; however. . .there's usually a trade off with these sorts of things. . .
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.45ACP vs 9mm

Greetings to BoomChick, Canis, Glockster and others. When I went to work for the Sheriff's Department in Arizona, we could carry any .38 spl/.357 mag revolver approved by the department armorer. we were limited to .38 spl ammunition in these guns. Finally, the department approved for deputies to carry any weapon they could qualify with and had been checked by the armorer. I went with a Smith & Wesson 4506. I had been shooting in combat competition for several years, using 1911 pistols, which the vast majority of the shooters used. I have heard people denigrate the 1911A1 in .45AP, citing problems with recoil, muzzle flip, perceived recoil, too much noise, etc. We had several women, some rather petite who competed with a 1911, and one 12-year old whose parents were well-known fast draw artists. This boy and these women had no problem with a full-house .45, showing the people who feel the 1911 has too much recoil are dead wrong. The department issued all of our ammo, and our only complaint was that if you carried a revolver,a gun anyone can fire, our holsters were basically leather bags. Auto shooters were required to carry a holster that required a rather complicated series of move to draw, to maximize weapon retention. Finally, shortly after I left, the department went to the Beretta for everyone. Cute move, Big heavy gun, tiny little buillet. My Lieutenant used to go through a little routine about why we preferred the .45 to the 9mm. You can put a 9mm round in a .45 magazine, you can load the weapon from the magazine. but as soon as you lower the pistol so it points at the ground, the 9mm round falls out of the 1911 pistol. Very funny routine. I am awaiting the completion of my 90 day residency in the state of Washington, and have picked out a very nice Springfield Armory XD45. It is not muctyposh bigger than the Firestar M-45 I carry now, but is much lighter, being a polymer unit. It holds 13 + 1 rounds of the .45 ammo ( I have selected Golden Saber.) and there is no external safety to remember to wipe off or to get caught on clothing. I used to get in arguments all the time with one of our seregeants, who was a rabid 9mm fan. His argument was always that 9mm had killed a lot of people. My comeback was that was true, if you counted the German MP-40 and the H&K MP5 I am not a large man, and could npt be like the San Diego Detective I met who carries a Desert Eagle in AE .50 calibre. The XD is a weapon I can carry concealed while still giving me the fightstopping power I want. It is a simple matter of trust.
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I voted .40SW because I carry my full size baby eagle .40 most often. I have all 3, 9mm, .40 and .45 and I carry them all depending on the circumstances. I like the .45 because of its size and weight. I like the 9mm because of the higher magazine capacity. I really like the .40 because it is a good medium between the other 2.
Well, I'm and old fart with a bit of Arthritis going on in the hands. Gave the grandson my 1911 for his vacation over in Iraq, and bought a Glock 17. The 9mm is much easier on these old hands...and 17 rounds will get the job done.

let me be the first to welcome you to usa carry. enjoy the site!
Passed down from from generation to generation

Well, I'm and old fart with a bit of Arthritis going on in the hands. Gave the grandson my 1911 for his vacation over in Iraq, and bought a Glock 17. The 9mm is much easier on these old hands...and 17 rounds will get the job done.
I am glad to see you still making good use of a great heirloom. It will have a great history behind it and be cherished by future generations. You are a great American! Thank you for your gift to your grandson and for his service. I'm guessing you served as well and thanks! Anyone else would not understand the reasoning behind such a gift.

Welcome to USA Carry!!!
I have carried a G-21 .45 and loved it. With that said I Love carrying my 1911 in .45. I will also at times carry my G-17 9mm. Both calibers have there place and purpose.
My main choice is 40S&W. I am having trouble getting my 1911 to fire hollow points. My glock 23 has a higher round capacity also.

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