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Any recommendations for a .44M revolver to use in IDPA competition? I was looking at the Tarus Tracker

I don't know much about the rules, but I have shot the Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag revolver, it has a nice double and single action break on the trigger, or at least the one that I had experience with did.
If I was going to use a revolver whose caliber desination started with a 4 it would be one that ended in a 5. :)

I carry and shoot a .45 ACP Revolver. It gives the fastest reload available in a revolver by using Moon Clips. My off duty carry gun is either a .357 Magnum or a .45 ACP, both Revolvers. Lately I've carried the .357 Magnum more because I also carry a 38 Special as a BUG and have "ammo interchangeability" with my reloads.

I love my Moon Clipped .45 ACP, and if I had a BUG that took the same load I would happily carry it more.

Just out of curiosity, if you were going to choose a revolver in .45 caliber, why wouldn't you opt for the natural "revolver" choice and go with .45 Long Colt? It's a tried and true round that's stood the test of time and isn't a compromise to put into a revolver, i.e., it's not an "automatic" round that's been adapted by the use of half-moon clips. While I don't have one myself -- yet -- Taurus makes a 2" 5-shot .45LC revolver that you can see Link Removed that looks interesting for a nightstand gun or carry item.

NOTE: On closer scrutiny I see that this item has been discontinued. However, like the Colt Magnum Carry .357, I'm sure you can still find them around on the various gun auctions.

Well, after scouring the Internet since I wrote this, about an hour ago, I find NOTHING significant on a .45LC snubbie revolver! Interesting. I would have bet serious money that at least once upon a time Smith came out with a .45LC snub nose that, while not very well received, I guess, was at least produced. Maybe the Charter Arms Bulldog, still available in blue and stainless in .44 Spl., would be the alternative. Apologies.
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The reasons I prefer the .45 ACP over the .45 LC are the following:

Faster Reloads with the ACP using Moon Clips
Better round for bi-pedal aggressors statistically
The ACP can be reloaded cheaper and "hopped up" for game if you reload

INHO the LC is a great round for hunting, but history has proven, even recently, that it doesn't work that good on humans for stopping the threatening action as quickly as the ACP. These are my opinions based on expiriences, reading about the subject matter and conversations with people more knowledgeable than me.


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