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Since this is my 444th post on USA Carry, I figured I would ask about a cartidge that I've always been interested in, the .444 Marlin. Who shoots it? What rifles or pistols do you own that chamber it? What do you recomend for ammo? Does anyone reload it?

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The 444 Marlin is one of my favorite rounds. I have a Handi Rifle and a Marlin 336 lever in 444 Marlin. Reloading does save you some money but be prepared to use a lot of powder if you want to shoot a lot. I use 41gr of IMR4198 with a 300gr bullet. So a pound of powder will only make about 170 rounds.

AR Hammer

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Ditto Red Hat.
Powder doesn't go very far.

Pretty much just a .44 Rem Mag case stretched an inch.

Great brush buster! Trajectory like a rainbow!
I shoot 300 Grain bullets also, and the buck the wind, trees, grass, Buicks, what ever gets in their way,
But the ballistics tables read like the sinking of the Titanic! :biggrin:

I used to use mine hog hunting, and it was EXCEPTIONAL for that,
And when you pull the trigger, you know you have a hold of a hard hitting round!

I've been loading with the 'Leverloution' pointed bullets, and I'm still experimenting, but results are a pretty good increase in both accuracy and trajectory so far...
I hate pulling the bullets out of the .44 Mag casings, wish they would sell them over the counter around here!

My opinion of the Marlin .444 is it's a BUSTER!
It WILL knock a hole in anything you hit, but the round is a little bit under powered...
Could use a little better powder, and usually a LOT longer barrel!
I've not had one single hog or deer get away from that round, if I made contact, the animal went down, usually immediately.

It's range is limited to the short barrel version I have, it would be a MUCH better round in a 22" barrel.
The muzzle flash is HUGE, lots of wasted powder in these short lever action carbines.


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The 444 Marlin is one of my favorite rounds. I have a Handi Rifle and a Marlin 336 lever in 444 Marlin.

I became interested in this caliber after reading an article back in the mid-1990's about the Special Observation Group (S.O.G.) durring the Vietnam war. S.O.G. is the group that eventually evolved into the Army Special Forces (Green Berrets). The article mentioned Sgt. Jerry "Maddog" Shriver in great detail and the various weapons he would carry. It turns out that he went on a stateside leave to obtain a Marlin lever-action rifle chambered in .444 for bunker busting. This was probably the only lever action rifle used in the Vietnam war.


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AR Hammer the Lever Revolution bullets are available from alot of reloading supply houses!

I use factory loaded 444 Lever Revolution rounds out of my 15" Contender Pistol!
Trajectory flattened out significantly from the Hornady Heavy Magnum loads I used before!
A deer hit with it at 100 yards or less usually falls down on impact!Some get back up, but none have gone far from where they where shot!

If I wear my Uncle Mikes Pistol Glove I can shoot 6-10 shots before my hand goes all numb and tingly from the nerve damage!

I really want a Marlin chambered for the 444 but can't justify the expense since I can't hunt with it here! (shotgun,muzzleloader,handgun only area)

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