.380s for lefties?


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I am helping my step father select his first carry pistol and through shooting various calibers, he has settled on .380. He is just hitting seventy and felt this was the caliber he was most comfortable with. He is also a lefty. So, any recommendations for a LEFTY friendly .380 semi-auto pistol?

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Pk380 would be a good one to look at ambidextrous safety and mag release light weight slide so it's easy to rack the slide and light weight gun to carry fits well in the hand see if you can find a range that has one to rent or see if someone you know as one you can take to the range and let me shoot good luck

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I agree with Glocknut78. The Walther Pak 380 is a real nice 380 caliber gun. I would take him to a gun store and see what feels comfortable to him. My brother got a Walther PPK/S in .380 and he likes that a lot. So there's more than one option here. Good luck.
Ppk is nice but he's looking for something for a left handed person that's why I said the pk380 another nice one is the Bersa thunder 380 but no ambidextrous safety or mag release

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I am 67 and still use a H&K 45 loaded with 230 gr. +P JHPs. A .380 is a nice weapon, but why not at least a 9mm single stack, like a SA XDm?
my suggestion would be go to an indoor range rent several different guns to try till he finds what he likes. that's what I usually do as a fellow lefty.
@Redroom Fotog and lafaillepj, We have already rented several of different calibers and he is most comfortable with the 380s that he shot. Different strokes for different folks. He has arthritis in one hand also and just felt he could control the .380s better. The pk380 is on the list, just trying to find a place that rents one or someone who owns one to let him try it. I looked at the Bersa, but the no left hand controls has removed it from his list. (Not mine though!)

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