2nd American Revolution


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Found this and I think it's worth sharing. I don't think that the nation would revolt. There's too many sheeple.

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It is time for the 2nd American Revolution
Posted by Robert Stalnaker on Friday, June 06, 2008 7:13:52 PM
Election year 2008 is similar to 1996.

In the general election of 1996, the candidates for president came down to a slick talking younger man in Bill Clinton versus an old man in Bob Dole who was unpolished as a debater and speaker but was a war hero. In the general election of 2008, the candidates for president will be a slick talking younger man in Barack Obama versus an old man in John McCain who is unpolished as a debater and speaker but was a war hero. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger. Barack Obama speaks as if he will be the Premier of Pacifists.

There are some differences. Bill Clinton blew a saxophone while Barack Obama blows smoke. Bob Dole was a moderate and John McCain is a socialist. There are even differences between John McCain then and now. In 1996, John McCain was looked at as a war hero who defended the interests of the United States. In 2008, John McCain is seen as a defender of Mexicans' interests in invading the United States.

50% of our nation is conservative. The small fraction of true conservatives in the House is too small to even note, and there are no true conservatives in the Senate. Half of this nation's voters have no representation in Washington now nor in the election for president in 2008. In 2000, most conservatives hoped the moderate George Bush would, by sheer momentum of winning, turn more conservative as he looked back on who actually put him in the White House. Instead, Bush did the opposite as he ignored the mandate of the people and turned socialist. Do not expect the socialist John McCain to turn conservative if he wins in November. Instead, we will be in unchartered waters of socialism and loss of national identity.

Should Obama prevail in November, the final nail in coffin USA may come quicker. If McCain prevails, the cancerous death of the United States will linger on a bit longer, as it is doing under the disaster George Bush has brought us.

Perhaps conservatives and those who loved this once proud nation would be better off with Obama winning in November. If this means a quicker death to the United States as we know it (or, as we once knew it), then maybe that would allow our nation to be reborn in our lifetime, as opposed to the lingering death that the Bush/McCain types offer.

Under Bush as president and McCain and Obama in the Senate, Mexico, Africa and terrorist nations have the focus of our government's attention and way too much of our money, while the interests of the USA are far down on the priority list. Regardless of which one wins, that trend will continue and likely accelerate. The problem conservatives have is their "interests" of the USA are far different than the "interests" of either McCain or Obama, but look for the $30 billion to Africa to soon grow to $60 billion, regardless of which of the two socialists gets the White House.

Our Founding Fathers had far fewer reasons to revolt than we do today. In 2008, as in 1996, the "lesser of two evils" is again our choice, only this time the 2008 version of evil is more dangerous than the 1996 version. No nation can be a world leading nation when leaders do not lead their country. Slick talking skills and stage presence is not a certification of sound leadership--Bill Clinton underscored that. Being old and a lousy speaker is not the type of "seasoned veteran" that is needed for our nation to compete on the world stage, especially when McCain seems to believe taking in Mexico's "welfare-rush prospectors" is more important than defending our nation's borders and identity. The billions spent to support financially failing hospitals due to illegal aliens in Arizona has not fazed McCain. Neither candidate has shown they put the USA's interest first, McCain by his long history of votes, and Obama by his speeches, since that is about all he has to offer us.

There is no good choice in 2008, just like 1996. The Democrats and the Republicans are just two flavors of the same poison, as we march out that tired and worn, but real, "lesser of two evils" once again.

It is time this nation becomes nationalistic.

It is time half the people in our nation get representation.

It is time for the 2nd American Revolution.


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The American people are in no way ready to take back their country. The really sad part is that armed revolt is really not yet necessary; just be careful who you vote for and don't vote Republican or Democrat--ever again!


Not much choice, really...


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If you can find a web site that has a reprint from a Paul Harvey radio program check it out. It tells about all the signers of the Declaration of Independence and what they lost to put their names on that document. Most of them were wealthy men who had their land and possessions taking from them. Many were killed. Now how many Americans would give up a night of watching trash on T.V. to get involved in anything worth while. We have to a great extent become an amoral society. I am afraid the only thing that can save us from becomming just another of history's nations that rise and fall is a revival.

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


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that is the best thing i have ever heard you say HK4U. This nation needs God and a revival. America forgets about God until something bad happens and then they want to go to praying and asking for help.


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thanks brother. and to add to my other post above. John Mccain and Obama need alot of prayer and so does Bush. God has everthing under control though. Everything happens for a reason i truely beleive that.


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I'm afarid it does not say much about the USA in Bible.Revivle would be great if it was for God and not what we have today in the refined church of self. End time are end times if you are a believer hold on if not get on.

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