2nd Amend not Individual Right

We have a national right to carry, it's called the 2nd Amendment.

We need a national concealed carry program good in all states. Then these damn libtards wouldn't be able to trample the rights of law abiding citizens!

National carry program IS trampling the Rights of law abiding citizens.

I'd rather not let the entire nation become Hawaii at a federal level.

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We do not need any such thing! Wanting the Federal government to be the one in charge of a program that delegates how/when we are allowed to carry will be the biggest infringement on our rights. Tell me how the Federal government will appease all the states with this "program". Will the program be Constitutional carry where all people who can get a firearm can carry it anyway they choose? Or will it be like NY or NJ or MD or CA or HI just to name a few of the biggest usurpers of our rights?

We will all get hosed if the Federal government takes over in delegating a national reciprocity program.

What we need is strong representation of all the "we the people" in every state to take back our rights that have been stolen from the corrupt state officials.

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It cannot be stated any firmer!
The Federal Government has no authority.... Period!
It's high time that we push that message home to them!

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