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God Bless Our Troops!!!
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Hi, I'm Festus...

...and I'm a God Fearing, Constitution Defending, Bible Believing PATRIOT!

If we want our country back, We gotta vote in 2010. We gotta get involved at the local level and stay involved all the way to the Federal level.

We need to put forth good efforts and stay engaged when confronted with anti's and with politicians.

It does not matter if we are from different backgrounds or religions. We need to all tow the line together and stand firm in out convictions.

51percent was kind enough to start this group for us now let's do it up proud!


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Hi, I'm Keeyahnah,

Festus is right!!! We all have to work together if we don't want the White House Zoo Crew to destroy our country.


Festus is right. Don't wait until 2010 to vote for the candidate and issues that others select. Get involved at the local and state level. Pro-2A candidates elected to State and Local offices, and pro-2A initiatives getting passed will help our cause.


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I am so in! and doing whatever I can to get involved at any level. this country is going to go down the toilet unless more people stand up for our freedom!


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I am with you. If we do not make a stand the freedoms that many have fought and died for will be lost. God bless America and God bless all of you patriots.


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The problem is that you--and most everyone else--will vote for a Republican or a Democrat while whining that there's no good choice. You'll decry that you're voting for 'the lesser of two evils' because the current evil has made things worse while admitting the best you can hope for from your new choice is for things to get worse at a slower pace or, at best, to stop the erosion of rights. You'll not expect any reversal of government infringement.

I just wish you would all get disgusted enough to abandon the 2 major parties and either join one you actually agree with or start one. I've no hope that will happen. Once again, you'll get behind some other Democrat or Republican who you won't expect to be 'good' but will be satisfied that they won't be as bad as what we now have. :hang3:


Liberty or Death
+1 NDS, we must break down the 2 party system. Vote for Libertarians or the Constitution party. The Republican party is lost as we know it, we must stop trying to salvage it. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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