2A Amicus brief on HB2 / Open Carry Case - Forming MS Carry.


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We're filing the brief to the Mississippi Supreme Court soon (by Monday). We are also identifying leadership and putting together a package to help start a sister organization in MS to represent your self-defense, defensive weapons, and gun rights. I hope the forum mods will allow this...

Please Join Florida Carry. Once the new "Mississippi Carry" organization is formed, we will give them all the organizational, legislative, legal, and material support needed to get started and thrive, as we have. All membership fees (100%) and member info of Florida Carry members who reside in Mississippi will be confidentially and securely transferred to the new MS Carry organization once setup. If you were at GRPC last year you heard me speak about development of other state organizations. If you couldn't make it, my speech on the topic is on youtube...

We need your membership to bolster our standing with the MS Supreme Court. We do have registered MS members and supporters but more will be most helpful as we assert our standing in filing the amicus brief in support of the RIGHT to bear arms in MS.

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