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While at the range today a couple of guys were shooting 22's and were having great fun. So, my question is. Which would be the best option. Buy a pretty nice 22 plinker or the Kimber 22lr conversion kit for my full size Kimber? Either could be had for ~$300. Anyone tried the conversion kit? How did it work?

I joined a shooting club today (which gives me access to the range when not open to the public) and will probably be spending more time at the range and 22's are very cheap to shoot.

One advantage of the conversion kit is that you get a lot of cheap practice with your carry gun. This could be very valuable. I'm debating getting the new conversion kit for my Sig P229, but $369 is pretty steep. I'll probably eventually get it.

I have a 22lr upper for my AR15 and it allows me to get some quality training time without spending a fortune.
I've had zero experience with the conversion kits. How reliable are they? Then again if they aren't very reliable...malfunction drills help too.
Only time I notice problems with my conversion kit is when it's very dirty or the shooter isn't holding the pistol correctly. One biggie that's sure to cause a malfunction is "limp wristing". Other than that, the conversion kit works great. One catch is that you have to use the proper ammo. Advantage Arms provides a list of recommendations. I opt to use CCI Mini-Mags through my conversion kit. Not the most inexpesive .22LR cartridges, but surely a lot less expensive than .40 s&w or 9mm.

It did come in today

I have the kimber conversion i got it frm sportsmanguide.com they were the chepest on the net i searched for 4 days all day long. I have a rock Island 1911 i fits it great ant shoot awesome I love it. Way cheaper then buying another gun and cheaper than shooting .45's. i deff recomend u get 1.
thanks Shaine P.
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