215gr .44 mag loads


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I was hoping someone could help me with some load data for my new mold. I recently aquired a 215gr mold for my .44 magnum, and since my little brother is visiting for the week, I figured it would be a great bullet for him to cut his teeth on the mag with. I cast a couple of hundred bullets, then discovered I can't find any load data for 215gr cast bullets in my limited powder selection. I primarily use 800x and 5744; first powders I bought when I started, and I've been pretty pleased so far. I had considered slightly lowering the 225 grain jacketed load in my Lee manual, but I've not been reloading long and certainly don't feel comfortable to tinker with any loads. I was hoping maybe someone out there might have some suggestions...my Internet searches have been unsuccessful. Appriciate any help, y'all.


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Mostly 800x. Got two bottles of it real cheap when I started loading. It's always worked well for both my .44 and my .45acp...till I couldn't find data for these bullets!
Btw, they're SWC, just shy of Linotype for hardness...


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you can try loading less powder than for the JHP published load as you should always load lead lighter than jacketed loads.

try looking online for a recipe also, thehighroad.org is a good place or Link Removed

if you have a chronograph it would help as I can not find any data for that grain of bullet

so go with one near that weight and start low and work up


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This data is fom lyman's manual 1
It should help a bit I hope.
Remember to use safe loading practices and work up to the loads listed.
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