1911A1, never leave home without it.


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I carry a Rock Island Armory 1911A1. I have put over 2,500 rounds through it and it fires as well as the day I got it. I love this gun, it is very true in its stock condition, a pure MIL spec gun. I have had people ask why I carry a full size .45, my response is that I carry it in an open carry position and then conceal it with my jacket or an un tucked shirt. I once carried it for a couple days open, just to see if I could spot anyone noticing it. I did not notice anyone spotting my weapon. It is all black and I typically wear dark clothing, which I think helps conceal it in an open carry position. I am a proponent of open carry and hope to help effect change in the culture here in Minnesota, which allows open or concealed carry with a permit.

Bill in Minnesota

I have heard nothing but good things about the RIA 1911's. Glad you are enjoying yours. Thanks for the info on it.

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