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  1. lukem

    What is your everyday carry gun?

    What is everyone carrying right now? I'll go first. My current EDC is a Glock 48 MOS with a Shield Sights RMSc. I'm having a regular Glock 48 cut for a Holosun 507k which will then be my main EDC and the Glock 48 MOS will be a backup. I'm carrying that in a Phlster Pro Holster with DCC clips or...
  2. lukem

    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    Use this thread to introduce yourself instead of creating a new thread. This cuts down on the amount of "welcome" threads showing up in the forums. That said. Welcome to the forums!
  3. lukem

    Advice for New Concealed Carriers?

    What is one piece of advice you'd give to new concealed carriers?
  4. lukem

    What do you think of the new Mossberg MC1sc?

    I just did a write-up on the MC1sc pistol Mossberg announced today. What do you think? Who is looking to get their hands on one? While it would take a lot for me to switch from my current carry guns (G43 and G19), it is nice to see Mossberg...
  5. lukem

    New Member Welcome Thread 3

    The last one got too big so I have started a new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.
  6. lukem

    USA Carry Sponsors the All Heroes Open

    USA Carry proud to sponsor the All Heroes Open Fishing Tournament on September 16, 2017 at Hula Bay Club, Tampa, FL. The tournament is put on by Team Addo."We are Veterans that wish to help other Veterans and children in need. Hometown boys from Tampa, both James and Winfield Boggs served in...
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    testing new thread

    testing a new thread
  8. lukem

    Let's see your cigar stash!

    This thread is for everyone to show off their cigar stash. I'll get it started with what I have so far. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  9. lukem

    What cigar are you smoking today? Pics encouraged!

    This thread is to let everyone know what you are smoking today. Pictures are encouraged!
  10. lukem

    Cuban and Illegal Cigars

    No threads, posts or private messages asking how to purchase Cubans or Cuban products in the United States. They are illegal. Any discussions about them will be deleted.
  11. lukem

    Humidor filled up quickly - Switched to a NewAir CC-280E Wineador!

    So I started off with a 90 count desktop humidor which quickly filled up. I didn't have 90 in it but more like 50 including a few of my friend's who was "renting" space in mine. I'm not sure how they figured you could fit 90 cigars in it. So looking at all my options I decided to go with a...
  12. lukem

    New Cigar Forum

    I've smoke cigars here and there thanks to a friend's dad that was a big cigar smoker that got us into it when we were younger. Recently I decided it was time to get my own humidor and start my own stash of cigars. I figured there's probably a few of you here that smoke cigars as well so I...
  13. lukem

    Crimson Trace Displays at NRA Annual Meeting

    (Wilsonville, OR) –When the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting opens in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 25th, Crimson Trace will be displaying more than a dozen new products in booth number 3648. Visitors at the show will also be able to see and experience the many product lines that...
  14. lukem

    Crimson Trace Releases Two New Glock Lasergrips

    (Wilsonville, OR) – Crimson Trace, the shooting industry’s leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lights, announces the release of two new Lasergrips® designed for Glock’s Third Generation Full-Size and Compact pistols. The Lasergrips products, LG-637™ and LG-639™, are offered in red and...
  15. lukem

    Remington Model 700 and Model Seven Recall

    Thought I would post this for any of your that have either of these. Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) is voluntarily recalling Remington Model 700™ and Model Seven™ rifles which were manufactured from May 1, 2006 through April 9, 2014 and which have an X-Mark Pro® (“XMP®”) trigger. All...
  16. lukem

    Another shooting at Ft. Hood

    The Texas Department of Public Safety reported a shooting with casualties Wednesday at Ft. Hood, scene of a 2009 attack that left 13 dead. No further information was immediately available on the incident, the shooter or the extent of any injuries. Link Removed Sent from my SM-N900V using USA...
  17. lukem

    Storing a motorcycle outside?

    My father passed away last week and it looks like I will be getting his 2002 Harley Davidson Fatboy. I have a friend that will let me keep it in his garage but I would like to keep it at my house so I can hop on and ride when I want. I'm hoping to move later this year to someplace that has an...
  18. lukem

    How many times do you chamber a round?

    Here is a question that was just emailed to me by one of our members: Personally, I've always used the same round until I shot it the next time I went to the range. What is the consensus here?
  19. lukem

    AK-47 vs. AR-15 - The Small Arms Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

    They are two of the most recognizable and widely used weapons in the world.
  20. lukem

    Man Shoots Himself While Bowling

    I saw this story and thought I'd post it over here. I don't think I would be carrying while I was bowling but if you are at least have a proper holster. I'm not sure what exactly caused it but you are responsible for your firearm when you are carrying. Link Removed JUPITER, Fla. - A man...