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  1. theicemanmpls

    If Your Pastor Asked You Not to Carry In Church ?

    C&L, I agree. But isn't it fun, getting all this attention, and wasting Luke's server space? I wonder if he has one of them servers that deals in Terra-bites? Not even our Gypsy has a chance on filling it up. I for one think postings of this style should be eliminated.
  2. theicemanmpls

    Road Rage and Shots Fired

    It is clear to me this Uncle guy is a troll. He only comments on the postings of two members. All postings are of very negative content. While the word "nutcase" is harsh, it may be appropriate. I think the so called troll is the short guy from providence RI who was recently banned. JJ...
  3. theicemanmpls

    Gun Ban Nancy Pelosi Bots Going After Ammunition Again...

    Nobody does it like the Gypsy
  4. theicemanmpls

    You've lost that loving feeling

    YouTube - Elvis Presley - You've lost that loving feeling Today, 33 years ago, Elvis left this world. Rest in peace Elvis.
  5. theicemanmpls

    Obama Is Another Herbert Hoover

    NO, NO, NO, BTW, this current mess was well underway when Barry Obama was sworn in. HH was in the Oval Office how many months before the crash of 29? Herbert Hoover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Link Removed Causes of the Great Depression
  6. theicemanmpls

    New Elk Rifle

    Elkhunt, I understand it is a free rifle. However, I would use at least a .308 on an Elk. I understand your son is only 12, and recoil is a consideration. I am also thinking of the Elk. IMO, suggest your son try for neck shots. I know that elk have been taken with .243, .223, and even a 22...
  7. theicemanmpls

    special forces imposter

    I found this on a Georgia gun website. This is really sad about this man going around playing a US Army Green Beret Officer. Link Removed IMO, he needs to spend a year in jail, and see the puzzle doctor.
  8. theicemanmpls

    Three Things about Islam

    My wife is meaner then a female drill instructor. I will pass looking at the video.
  9. theicemanmpls

    Coast Guard Celebrates 220th Anniversary

    Coast Guard Celebrates 220th Anniversary YouTube - ‪United States Coast Guard Tribute "Semper Paratus"‬‎
  10. theicemanmpls

    Appeal filed over gay marriage ruling in Calif.

    SAN FRANCISCO — Supporters of California's gay marriage ban filed an appeal Thursday of a federal judge's ruling striking down the voter-approved law. The appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was expected, as lawyers on both sides of the legal battle repeatedly vowed to carry the...
  11. theicemanmpls

    Gabby Hayes

    Various clips of Gabby Hayes - great character in western movies. All clips are in public domain. YouTube - Gabby Hayes Bits
  12. theicemanmpls

    Ordered to ground at gunpoint for open carrying by cleveland heights ohio police

    FYI The detachable magazine is often referred to as a clip; such usage is frowned upon by many authorities on firearms Link Removed) You carry how ever you want. I will carry what ever way I want. I happen to prefer California over Arizona. I never go on vacation so I can walk around with a...
  13. theicemanmpls

    Criminologist: Kagan a Threat to 2nd Amendment

    I am going to ask the site Admins/mod's to not allow these type of postings. They serve no useful purpose, and are commerical in nature. IMO.
  14. theicemanmpls

    Large beaver attacks man while fishing

    CUMMING, Ga., Aug. 2 (UPI) -- Georgia wildlife officials said they are searching for a large beaver that bit a man on the leg and arm while he was fishing on Lake Lanier in Forsyth County. Authorities said Russ McTindal was fishing Thursday when he saw the mammal, which he estimated to weigh 35...
  15. theicemanmpls

    9 killed in shooting at Conn. beer distributorship

    MANCHESTER, Conn. — A warehouse driver who a union official said was caught on video stealing beer from the distributorship where he worked went on a shooting rampage there Tuesday, killing eight people and wounding two before committing suicide, authorities said. Omar Thornton, 34, pulled a...
  16. theicemanmpls


    Quit whining six, it will be fine. This thread is a continuation of a thread that was talking about buiilding a mosque near ground zero, in NYC. The elected officals of NYC have aready said yes. IMO, it is a great idea, because the criminals who planned and carried out the attack were children...
  17. theicemanmpls

    The US has 90 guns for every 100 citizens.

    no way The number seems a bit high. I know that one serious gun guy/girl has enough firearms in his/her safe to arm each person on his block. However there are not that many gun guys/girls with safes in the US population as a whole. This is the survey. Small Arms Survey - Home This is the...
  18. theicemanmpls

    Terrorist Smuggling Into U.S. a Real Concern

    six, You are correct about who shot Malcom down like a dog. I suggest you read further about Malcom X's assassination. IMO it was over his former boss's hobby of chasing skirts. Some people think it was the Government, others the Mob. Many believe that Malcolm X and other civil rights leaders...
  19. theicemanmpls

    American Royality

    Today, Bill, and Hill married off their only child to a NYC stockbroker, who is the son of two members of congress. It was a grand affair. Held at a fancy estate. The bride Chelsea had four bridesmaids at the ceremony. Her father, former POTUS bill clinton had two bridesmaids after the...
  20. theicemanmpls

    Range safety

    I wonder if those would work on troublesome alley cats, or coons? I did light one up with a paintball marker, however that leaves evidence. We have a cat woman two doors down. The outside of her house smells like cat piss. I don't even wish to think what the inside reeks of.