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  1. localgirl

    The Real Scoop on Oregon Coast?

    How is my account still active?! I don't know. But how convenient, because I want the scoop on the Oregon Coast. I have done some Googling and browsed previous threads, but am hoping for insider information -- the good and the bad. Looks like CCPs aren't too hard to get, but gun sales have...
  2. localgirl

    Better Background Checks?

    Since I'm pretty tired of arguing with my liberal friends about banning guns, I'm coming here with the hope that we can try a little experiment. Maybe if we can come up with some ideas, we can change the world. Or something. So here it is: is there a way we can have some kind of "universal...
  3. localgirl

    Post your bike pics!!!

    Link Removed
  4. localgirl

    For Veterans Day -- A Humorous Look Back

    Everyone's getting a little too anxious and stressed out about the election results, so I thought for this Veterans Day I would share with you a page I found from my grandfather's officers' training notebook from some 70 years ago. I think some of these will make you chuckle. Taboos: 1...
  5. localgirl

    Oh...I Got a Job!

    Crap. Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys. Not that any of you were sitting there dreadfully worried about me. But yes, I got a job! Beginning of July. It's a very good one, writing social media copy for a corporation. Unfortunately I also had to file for bankruptcy and I'm going through a...
  6. localgirl

    What do you carry everyday?

    Link Removed OK, But srsly. This.
  7. localgirl

    Ted Nugent VS Secret Service: I Don't Get It

    I'm as likely to side with liberals as conservatives on any given political issue, and vice versa, but here's one that's got me stumped, and I imagine most conservative as well: What's with the Secret Service getting called on Nugent? I understand how the First Amendment works--direct threats...
  8. localgirl

    Random Picture Thread

    Gorgeous pic, Charlie!
  9. localgirl

    Random Picture Thread

    Link Removed The Max gets his spring clipping. Hates it.
  10. localgirl

    The Only Thing That Pisses Me Off More than Rambo Wannabes... when my friends try to call me out on my right to carry: Facebook Me: So, when your place of work has a no weapons policy, and some person who doesn't really care what the sign on your door says comes in to kill everyone, are you supposed to defend yourself with the stapler? A hot cup of...
  11. localgirl

    Weirdo in My Driveway = Cops or Mossberg 500?

    Well, I decided to call the cops after said weirdo was still there after 20 minutes. Mind you, I had decided to take a nap and was in a state of undress, when I kept hearing vehicle doors shutting. I looked out my rather large bedroom window and there's some strange vehicle parked in a small...
  12. localgirl

    Got Fired. Anyone Need a Social Media Manager?

    Hi Guys. My employers at and just terminated my contract for using the word "gun porn" in a Tweet referring to SHOT Show pictures. Anyone need a good social media manager?
  13. localgirl

    TSA finds average of 4 guns each day at airports

    Link Removed This is getting there....
  14. localgirl

    TSA finds average of 4 guns each day at airports

    You know, I searched in vain for a picture to post with my last comment. Apparently, men in uniform and men with guns pin-ups range from "Not batting for YOUR team, Sister!" To seriously ridiculous and unsafe for the given situation. Case in point, a picture looking to be a shot-up Afghanistan...
  15. localgirl

    Chineese firms building our bridges

    You're right. It's done in cooperation with the Feds. Frankly, I'm fairly liberal and usually don't give a rip what the government is doing or what the conspiracy theorists say they're doing. But offering permanent U.S. residency in exchange for helping create U.S. jobs...? Meh...sketchy. Link...
  16. localgirl

    Westboro Baptist Church

    Seems the solution is pretty simple. You only need to knock around one of them: Link Removed
  17. localgirl

    The Fine Print

    My question is, why on earth didn't the ATF think to do something similar? "FBI agents arrested Osmakac on Saturday after he allegedly bought explosive devices and firearms from an undercover agent. The firearms and explosives were rendered inoperable by law enforcement." News from The...
  18. localgirl

    Mt. Ranier Shooting

    After a ranger is shot, the reactions are typically illogical. I understand people need someone or something to blame, but really? News from The Associated Press "It has been legal for people to take loaded firearms into Mount Rainier since 2010, when a federal law went into effect that made...
  19. localgirl

    Reno Open Carry?

    I'm planning a trip to Reno soon, and I see they don't honor my CC permit, but that open carry is allowed in Nevada. Just how "allowed" is it? Especially in a bigger city like Reno?
  20. localgirl

    Where Did the Vid Go?

    I'm looking for that video that was up here yesterday, a compilation of gun goofs. Can't remember what it was titled.