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  1. Big Bubba

    2nd Amendment food for thought

    Time...and burglars, rapists and idiots...wait for no man, or woman. We are locked and loaded in our home! 2nd Amendment! The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. (waiting for attack) The sword is more important...
  2. Big Bubba

    Mo Endorsements for CCW

    I just noticed some great news on the interactive map, Washington state now accepts Missouri concealed weapons permits. Good news indeed for Missourians.
  3. Big Bubba

    2008 Presidential Election. Good Read.

    This is a very long read but I think it is well worth it. We are voting for someone to lead our country. 2008 Presidential Election (Don't know who wrote this! It's been making the Internet rounds and from what I see and hear it pretty much reflects the feelings of Americans in the...
  4. Big Bubba

    Concealed Carry in the News

    Here is a link to a breaking story concerning self defense. It was broadcast on KY3 TV, Springfield, Mo.
  5. Big Bubba

    New Poll

    Post subject: Handgun ban Do you think it is a individual right to own guns? Lets hit this poll and boost the numbers. Link Removed
  6. Big Bubba

    I ran across a new site on the web, that some of you might find interesting. It is