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  1. boscoman

    What is the most popular Concealed Carry Holster?

    I am a fan of Frontline leather holsters. I prefer IWB style. Link Removed
  2. boscoman

    Court upholds police pointing gun at lawful carrier

    Court upholds police pointing gun at lawful carrier It's open season on gun carriers. A case out of the First Circuit has some painful lessons for gun carriers in Georgia. A United States Circuit Court of Appeals last week upheld the constitutionality of pointing a gun at any citizen daring...
  3. boscoman

    Nebraska now honors Virginia Permits

    Link Removed See above link.
  4. boscoman

    2 States now honor VA non resident permits

    In my e mail today. :>) VA-ALERT: VCDL mini-update 7/11/09 Delaware now honors Virginia permits and West Virginia honors both resident and now non-resident Virginia permits! I have received the following email form Jim Mullens, President of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League...