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  1. Jim_Macklin

    New resident, Old permit / New Permit questions

    Every state will have variations in requirements and procedures. Kansas changed its law in 2012 to allow new residents to continue to carry on a non-expired reciprical license while their Kansas application is being processed provided the application included a copy of tye valid out of state...
  2. Jim_Macklin

    The lie behind the economy

    The news today is that the DOW-Jones Index will close above 13,000, first time that high in years. Yeah, obama, NOT. The Congress has appropriated many trillions of dollars in the past 4 years, several trillion is not account for "on te books" it is lost. People think the DOW shows the strength...
  3. Jim_Macklin

    training pairs

    Lots of new shooters with little or no experience with firearms, save for the misinformation they have absorbed by watching TV and movies, are buying their first gun and taking a CCW/CCH class and getting their license. Their first trip to a gun store, often will make them feel like "outsiders"...
  4. Jim_Macklin

    Suspect detained over 'extremist' bumper sticker.

    An historical Colonial flag is extremist and subversive. If it is a bumper sticker. Link Removed In order to have "gun control" that satisfies the Brady/Bloomberg bunch all you have to do is destroy the First, Second, Forth, Fifth and bend the rest of the Constitution. No guns, no ammo, both...
  5. Jim_Macklin

    BATF Notice Bans Private Gun Sales In Texas

    Seems a law suit for civil rights violation warranted Link Removed Sound like some Austin city council member just ordered the APD to co-opt the BATF name and are just running a bluff. They "ask" for cooperation. Did not cite any law [there is none] and they are just blowing smoke.
  6. Jim_Macklin

    KSCCW site.

    Clear your cache or hold down the CTRL key when you enter the URL Link Removed
  7. Jim_Macklin

    Favourite movie guns

    Magazine capacity 2, a 44/40 might carry 5
  8. Jim_Macklin

    Favourite movie guns

    I COME IN PEACE the 9mm Calico pistol Link Removed With JUST a little Hollywood special effects:pleasantry:
  9. Jim_Macklin


    If the 3-1/2" gun has the short butt, your full size magazines fill work with a caution. The magazine is 1/2" longer and can be forced too far into the frame and go past the magazine catch. This can jam the gun and perhaps damage the magazine. There are several options for magazine based pads...
  10. Jim_Macklin

    Quick Question...

    Off the top of my head, about 10 years. Link Removed Link Removed Statistics - Concealed Weapons & Permits...
  11. Jim_Macklin

    Letter of Appeal of Revocation

    Link Removed 18-12-207. Judicial review - permit denial - permit suspension - permit revocation. (1) If a sheriff denies a permit application, refuses to renew a permit, or suspends or revokes a permit, the applicant or permittee may seek judicial review...
  12. Jim_Macklin

    CCW in a parking lot

    Kansas reviswed Link Removed Posting of certain properties - The requirements for “no concealed carry” signage also changed with the passage of HB 2528. In order to bring charges of unlawful concealed carry against a licensee, those properties previously enumerated under K.S.A. 75-7c10...
  13. Jim_Macklin

    Sen. Lindsey Graham censured, again

    Where do they get these people? Link Removed They change back after being elected, to what they hid during the campaign.
  14. Jim_Macklin

    2010 Census

    The Census is for apportionment of congressional representation. Lots of things have been added so that taxpayer money can be sent to all those programs that were listed in the Constitution, not. I see three choices, only answer the name, age, sex and nationality of the people under your roof...
  15. Jim_Macklin

    Carrying as a non-immigrant

    Nothing wrong with econ, as long as you're not in the George Soros School. BTW, maybe you can answer a question that has puzzled me. With government creating inlation to discount their old debt and printing fiat currency to finance new circuses, why do the people who have the gold want to sell...
  16. Jim_Macklin

    Do You Support The Castle Doctrine?

    Also part of Kansas Castle Doctrine [several different scetions of law really] is protection from civil law suits. Castle Doctrine places a burden on the State to prove you were not justified, rather than the burden being on you to prove your use of force was justified. Once3 that justification...
  17. Jim_Macklin

    Puerto Rico (staying 3 months)

    PR and Guam are not safe places to be, they are GFZ and we know that means free fire zones for criminals and terrorists. Living in a gate community just makes you a target for criminals, kidnappers and terrorists. That dream job can be a nightmare. Link Removed
  18. Jim_Macklin

    Favorite firearm related quotes.

    I wrote an email this morning and that line just came to me. I sent this letter to two reporters who almost reported on a road rage incident where a gun appeared to have stopped the assault. The top thread links are to another forum. ________________________ Link Removed Link Removed...
  19. Jim_Macklin

    308 NATO handload

    Powders such as 4064 and 4895 and similar burn rates are what you need for military load and pressure curve distributions Google for 7.62x51 load data an example Results 1 - 10 of about 3,000 for 7.62x51 load data. (0.14 seconds) Reloading Mil-surp 7.62X51 cases - THR 15 posts - 10...
  20. Jim_Macklin

    Living here, shooting there

    Illinois law requires EVERYBODY to transport firearms unloaded and cased. It does not require that ammo be removed from te case or carried apart. But no loaded magazine or ammo in a gun. Illinois residents are required to have an IL FOID to purchase, possess or transport firearms or...