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  1. Cyr

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    Hey, Ring, what do you want me to do recite the Apostle's Creed? I suppose that from now on, every time I mention the word 'God' I'm going to have to throw in the Trinity for good measure? What next? Do you expect me to identify The Lord Jesus Christ as my savior too—Something which Christ...
  2. Cyr

    Hearing protection when things go bump in the night

    Whoa! This is an old thread, but it's still worth a current answer. Know what? On several different occasions I've been inside of an enclosed space with guns going off all around me, AND no ear protection on my head—None! On every occasion I came out of one of these events with my hearing...
  3. Cyr

    What's Your Favorite Open Carry Gun?

    My bright yellow water pistol! In today's world only a uniformed patrol officer, a badge carrying law-enforcement official, or a civilian nincompoop should, or would open carry. Just because someone can do something does NOT mean that it's a good idea.
  4. Cyr

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    Ringo, When have I ever said that I do not believe? I believe in the existence of both good, and evil. I believe in the existence of the one true, creative, and causative God. I also believe in the inherent sinfulness of man, of the impossibility for mankind to either successfully govern...
  5. Cyr


    OG, I've got something for you that might bring you a certain peace-of-mind: "My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart. God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, He will whet His sword; He hath bent his bow, and made it ready. He...
  6. Cyr

    Federal judge confirms KS/AZ voter citizenship requirement

    Just a few short years ago, this topic would have been insane! Not today, though.
  7. Cyr

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    Ringo, would you like to know something? On much of what you have to say (ready): I WISH YOU WERE RIGHT! Everything would be so much easier and more bearable if you were; however, unfortunately, you are not.
  8. Cyr

    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    That's it!
  9. Cyr

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    OK, then I suggest that you read the Bible—or, maybe, ask Ringo—that should clear up some of the confusion for ya! There are still three outstanding biblical prophesies waiting to be fulfilled. The building and dedication of a NEW, THIRD JEWISH TEMPLE is one of them. Obviously, this has NOT...
  10. Cyr

    Glock 42 .380 ladies thoughts...

    NO, A GLOCK PISTOL DOES NOT HAVE THREE MECHANICAL SAFETIES. That is the commonly advertised mechanical nonsense that Glock, GmbH/Inc. feeds to the American public; and, apparently, you've bought into the 'three safeties' myth: hook, line, and sinker! With only a few exceptions, like the Model...
  11. Cyr

    We ARE The Last Generation - how much time is left?

    Hmm, . . . well then I guess the Jews had better hurry up and build that new temple, huh! ;)
  12. Cyr

    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    Mercedes 'Maybach' S–Class Sedan. Why do you ask?
  13. Cyr

    Glock 42 .380 ladies thoughts...

    Well, then, especially for you, G50AE, (who is the most inveterate contrarian I've met in years) I'll add that the vast majority of women I know who carry pistols in their purses and pocketbooks do NOT use secure handbags. In fact only my sister-in-law who is a state police detective uses a...
  14. Cyr

    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    Well, this past weekend, here is this old man, sitting in his beautiful brand new car, listening to his equally new (and smoking hot) Sirius radio when this large welfare-type dude comes sidling up, from behind the vehicle, to the driver's window. While the dude was coming up behind me, his...
  15. Cyr

    Do you inform the Class III dealer that you are carrying?

    What for? I frequently associate with PA CIII dealers. We even have a large and active club, here. I don't ask the other guys if they're armed, and they don't ask me, either. (Nobody cares!) As for the Range Safety Officers? Yes, they follow certain additional range safety protocols; but...
  16. Cyr

    Glock 42 .380 ladies thoughts...

    Well, I've been teaching people how to safely and effectively handle firearms now for (OMG!) a good 40 years. Today, I carry any one of three Glock pistols that I own; however, I do NOT recommend any Glock pistol for women to use. I know a lot of women who carry pistols, usually inside a...
  17. Cyr

    The Real History of the Assault Weapons Ban

    Good! Let these well-meaning, but badly confused legislators do exactly that! Why? Because there isn’t going to be anything for these morons to ban, anyway—That is why! The federal government took care to ban ‘assault rifles’ all the way back in 1934; and, unfortunately, the naïve and...
  18. Cyr

    Obama admits to lying - video

  19. Cyr

    Businesses That Prohibit Guns or Have No Gun Policies

    I wouldn't use the term 'Medical Device'. Instead I'd say, That's my 'PDA'! Which normally translates as 'Personal Digital Assistant'. (Except to me 'PDA' means 'Personal Defense Artifact'.) 😁 By the way, I've repeatedly CC'd in many of the businesses on that list. Who cares? If management...
  20. Cyr

    Americans being deceived about Caronavirus.

    Now THAT, Ringo, I believe!