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    Been trying to understand how concealed carry and medical mmj can peacefully mix... Articles like this make me nervous. Has there been any progress in eliminating the fear of losing your right to protect yourself due to the medical choices you make? Has anyone been negatively affected by...
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    Have ammo delivered to your door in Florida!

    Stop hunting for ammo in stores. Kick back, shop online from and your ammo will arrive directly to your doorstep. (adult signature required) Ammo, Guns, Gear, Gun Parts and more! (gun sales require use of FFL) New products posted regularly, check back daily for new...
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    Favorite caliber is 5.7x28mm - Is the Ruger worth owning for this caliber?

    Already own the FN57 and the Masterpiece Arms 57 SST. Love them both, curious if the Ruger is worth having in the lineup as a huge fan of 5.7x28mm caliber? Looking for sites with in-stock ammo like to stock up on 5.7 ammo as well, please reply with links! Thanks!