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    Slide assist for a KAHR CW9-

    S&W Shield EZ as a possible replacement.
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    EDC Opinion

    For me, I like the red dots is because of my eyesight. I don't have time to put on my glasses, and if I did only my sights would be clear and the target blurry.
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    OK CC License No Longer Valid in WA

    OK CPL used to be accepted in 38 states, but we lost WA. Since OK allows 18-20 yo (in the military) to get a CPL.
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    concealed carry license holder subjected to background check for new firearm

    As of Nov 1 that will be true for OK as well if the permit is less than 5 years old. You still have to fill out the 4473, but the FFL doesn't need to call it in.
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    +p ammo

    Should but check with manufacture.
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    OK CPL No Longer Accepted

    That was the heading for the next section. WA used to accept OK, but OK now allows 18-21 to get a CPL. (Only people in the miltary.)
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    Do you still conceal carry into posted "No Carry" businesses?

    Link RemovedThis thread is so done.
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    Texas CHL Holder in need of Washington State non-resident CHL

    Here are the states recognized: Link Removed Also during one of your visits you can apply for an out of state WA CPL, no class required. Just fingerprints, and money. Or you can just open carry. Link Removed
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    Peace on Earth

    I'm wearing a "Grill Sergeant camo pattern apron right now. To be on topic I have a Kel-Tec PF9 OC'd in one of the pockets. On this day, let's put aside our OC vs. CC bickering. Let's do like they did during WW I, and come together as brother in arms, and share some holiday spirit. Carry the...
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    Open carry vs concealed carry

    I think it only applies to security guards on duty, and doubt it would be valid in any other state. Link Removed
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    SB does NOT make any laws. They say they will go with whatever the state say. As a private business they could ban guns from any or all stores if they wanted to. This would not violate any laws. Also, saying they "follow state law" is disingenuous. State law allows them as private property...
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    Travel through Washington State

    Link Removed Link Removed The basics: You can OC in WA w/o a permit. If you don't have a CPL for WA, then the gun must be unloaded/mag removed in car/bus/ferry/motorcycle. In WA to have a loaded gun in or on any vehicle OC, or CC you must have a CPL. The gun, and ammo don't have to be stored in...
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    Have CCL but can I Open Carry?

    There are some cities in OR that do not permit a loaded gun. Please go to this site for some good info: Link Removed There are different rules for when you are in a vehicle. "Oh, I'm in Oregon if that matters." YES, every state is different. Please go to the OR OC site for good info!
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    Illegal discharge

    It was only one "blast", not the recommended two, so he's in trouble. Link Removed
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    24 days left until open carry starts in Mississippi!

    Welcome to the OC club MS! It may be difficult at first with both civilians, and LEO alike with the learning curve. I might be easier to start in groups, why? My thinking is if they see just one person it must be wrong, but hey there a dozen people at Starbucks doing it, so it must be OK. Here...
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    Can I purchase a firearm and get a conceal permit?

    Might want to check on some WA specific sites: Link Removed
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    Open Carry Question (Complete With Pragraphs)

    OK, here is an event that happened down in your area. Link Removed Remember anybody can suggest a meet and greet. Just pick a day, time, location, and post it. Don't ask on the forum what day, because you will get a dozen answers. Just post it, and the people that can make it will come. You can...