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  1. HKS

    Learning from the best

    My very last encounter with LEO's was as a student in tactical classes taught by 3 of them -- two police sergeants and a police lieutenant. These 3 were local police academy instructors who had decided they could condense the shooting portion of their police academy programs into various single...
  2. HKS

    Things I learned at USMC basic training which are good lessons for life

    Here is the list of things I learned at USMC boot camp (at Quantico for officer candidates) which are also good lessons for life: 1 - stand up straight, head up, shoulders square, chest out, stomach in, feet together, hands at your sides, fingers with their natural curl not clenched or extended...
  3. HKS

    How often should you clean your pistol?

    I have heard different answers to the question "how often should you clean your pistol?" What is your own view? Where did you learn it? Why do you think it is more important than the other choices?
  4. HKS

    The Smith & Wesson 1911 cal 22LR

    Today at the indoor shooting range the guy shooting next to my station was shooting a Smith & Wesson 1911 caliber 22LR. He let me try it and it is extremely accurate. I googled this pistol and could not find it, so it must be fairly new. I used to have a Colt Woodsman which is a 22LR and used...
  5. HKS

    Monthly practice with a pistol

    To be accurate with a pistol, monthly practice is the minimum requirement. Weekly practice would be ideal, but that costs more money than I can allocate to shooting. There are so many things to practice with a pistol that it keeps you busy all year long no matter how often that you go. First...
  6. HKS

    Utah Governor to weigh-in with his view of the latest constitutional carry proposals

    Tonight (2/2/2017) the Utah Governor will weigh-in with his view of the latest constitutional carry proposed bill before the Legislature. It would allow UN-loaded concealed carry by anybody with or without a CFP issued by the state BCI. Ergo a duly issued CFP would still give you the advantage...
  7. HKS

    Can anybody post here?

    Or is it still restricted ??
  8. HKS

    Firearms safety

    Over the years I have gained appreciation for the various gun safety rules, and ultimately I have come up with several lists of my own. I now divide these into smaller lists covering first firearms handling, then firearms shooting, and finally range safety rules. Shorter lists are easier to...
  9. HKS

    My own customized first aid kit

    After looking around for a heavy duty first aid kit that would work well for car accidents and/or gunshot wounds, I decided to make my own customized first aid kit. It all fits in a plastic Tupperware box the size of a toaster. It contains the following: An unopened package of 2 flour sack...