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  1. h2ojunkie

    Calling all gun owning Nevada foster/adoptive parents

    I'm looking for fellow firearm owners that currently are or have been foster and/or adoptive parents to speak out at public workshop regarding firearm regulations you must abide by to be a foster/adoptive parent in Nevada. The current regulations governing foster/adoptive licenses in Nevada...
  2. h2ojunkie

    Finding a pro-2A lawyer?

    While we all hope the day never comes where we need to defend ourselves, I would think it's not a bad idea to know/have a relationship with a pro 2A lawyer to handle any self defense claims. And of course, there are the few anti cops out there, and while it's not a common problem in Nevada, a...
  3. h2ojunkie

    Hats off to New Smyrna Beach, FL LEO

    I was in FL last week for bike week. As you can imagine it can be quite a rowdy crowd. LEO presence was very high just about everywhere during the 7 days I was there. One we arrived and set up camp, we unloaded the bikes from the trailer and headed over to the gas station to fill up. As I pull...