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  1. fudo

    Racial Profiling

    Three items: 1) If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and flies like a duck, it is safe to assume that it a duck. This saying sounds harmless because people do not think of ducks as dangerous. 2) A better analogy might be, If you walk down a street and a dog runs out and bites you in the...
  2. fudo

    Does anyone know how to disassemble a ranger 103-2 bolt - .22lr rifle???

    Does anyone know how to disassemble a ranger 103-2 bolt - .22lr rifle???
  3. fudo

    how to disassemble a ranger 103-2 bolt

    Does anyone know how to disassemble a ranger 103-2 bolt - .22lr rifle???
  4. fudo

    holster advice

    I have carried pairs of pistols at 4 and 8 for 39 years, and comfortably so. Unfortunately, I am now confined to a wheel chair.:frown: I am having trouble finding a carry solution that doesn't involve pointing a loaded gun at significant anatomical parts all day.:eek: Does anybody else have...
  5. fudo

    Charter Arms Bulldog

    I talked to Charter Arms yesterday. They said that the Bulldog will be available in .45ACP next year and that a southpaw version is under consideration.:dance3:
  6. fudo

    musing about civic duties

    As I was watching the TV coverage from Boston tonight, I heard of numerous cases of average citizens stepping up to aid victims of the bombing there. Given that the 1-2 bombing , where the second bomb is set to kill the first responders, has been a known tactic of cowards with bombs for years...
  7. fudo

    A response from Tom Coburn, US Senate

    A response from Tom Coburn, US Senate to my phone call on background checks and my response to his letter. Thank you for taking the time to write me to express your opinion and concerns about the various gun control proposals. I am encouraged so many Oklahomans are making their voices heard. I...
  8. fudo

    monthly dinner

    Hi guys, I was thinking that we should find a decent restaurant that is 2A friendly and have a CC/OC dinner once a month. What do you guys think?:smile:
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    You're doing it wrong.:laugh:
  10. fudo

    Hey bloomberg!

    Bliffffffghhhhhhhh!:nono: Take this.
  11. fudo

    All right, you mothers

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY:biggrin:
  12. fudo

    Here is an excellent article on the travon martin case and "Stand Your Ground" law

    Here is an excellent article on the travon martin case and "Stand Your Ground" law Stand Your Ground, America - Peter Ferrara - Townhall Conservative Columnists - Page 1 I think that many innocent people will be hurt or worse when George Zimmerman is exonerated.
  13. fudo

    Hate crimes against whites don't matter?

    Late last month in Kansas City a 13 yr old white boy was doused with gasoline and set on fire on his porch by two older black teenagers telling him "You get what you deserve, white boy". Of course if the races had been reversed the effect would have been totally different. Indeed anybody being...
  14. fudo

    78-Year-Old Dallas Watts Attacked, “Get that White Man! This is for Trayvon!”

    I didn't see this in the major media, and I didn't hear anything from sharpton:jester:/jackson/:jester:etc... crowd about the evils of racially motivated attacks. Neither did they comment about the three black teens who attacked an elderly white man, who was riding a bicycle in the park in...
  15. fudo

    Merry christmas to all

    Merry christmas to all, and to all, a good night
  16. fudo

    Thought Experiment

    You are hosting a dinner for eight guests. Assume that there are no problems with language, time or distance. Your guests can be persons living or dead, from any time, place. Who would you choose? Why? My list: 1 Benjamin Franklin 2 Abraham Lincoln 3 Issac Newton 4 Leonardo Da Vinci 5 Temujin 6...
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    Earthquake and tornado's on the same day.
  18. fudo

    New Toys

    I picked up a Cobray M-11 yesterday. I sure would like to get to the range and play with it. I got a NAA .22 Mag for my wife.
  19. fudo

    Good OHP encounter

    I got pulled over for speeding right at the Tulsa end of the Turnpike to OKC. I was speeding to pass some idiot that I had been following for 5 mile and couldn't get around. When he told me that he pulled me over for speeding, I informed the officer that I had a CCW permit and that I was armed...
  20. fudo

    Men's Wearhouse

    We went to Men's Wearhouse today in Moore, Ok. to buy some suits for a wedding. The man who waited on us was the assistant manager. I told him that I had a CCW and that I was carrying a firearm, and that I wanted to get fitted for my suit while wearing my gun, since I wear it all of the time...