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  1. Swinokur

    Lockable box for handguns on flight

    I use Link Removed You can buy them from Gunvault or Center of Mass. I can get 2 pistols with mags in it. I use it for auto and air travel. Comes with a security cable
  2. Swinokur

    Training for Virginia Permit

    check here Link Removed
  3. Swinokur

    National Reciprocity part Deux

    this might even pass No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: HR 822: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced (Updated)
  4. Swinokur

    Range bag recommendation

  5. Swinokur

    IWB/tuckable for H&K USPc 45?

    Try: Safariland Body Armor | Tactical Body Armor | Holsters | Duty Gear | Police Supplies | Forensics Supplies - SAFARILAND Comp- Tac Comp-Tac : Top-Quality Firearm Accessories MTAC holster Raven Concealment Link Removed Phantom Holster Tucker Gunleather Tucker Gunleather The Answer...
  6. Swinokur

    SAF sues MD over CCW good and sufficient rule

    Following the NY lawsuit the SAF filed suit in MD to overturn the MSP policy of having to give a good and sufficient reason to CCW. Maybe the walls are starting to come down
  7. Swinokur

    UT permit process change

    Recd froma UT certified instructor
  8. Swinokur

    New Mexico No Longer Recognizes Utah Concealed Carry License Santa Fe

    Link Removed New Mexico No Longer Recognizes Utah Concealed Carry License Santa Fe—Effective immediately New Mexico will no longer recognize concealed carry licenses issued by the state of Utah for the purposes of reciprocity in New Mexico, as the requirements for licensure in Utah do not meet...
  9. Swinokur

    vA Gov signs restaurant carry bill

    Effective July 1, 2010 Link Removed
  10. Swinokur

    Serpa for Glock 30 now available

    On Blackhawk's web site. Home BLACKHAWK! No discount price but it's out. Stu
  11. Swinokur

    Fingerprinting for CCW

    When you submit your prints to obtain your CCW (if printing is required) are the prints entered into the FBI database or just compared to make sure you have no criminal record? Thanks, Stu