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    Nevada no longer recognizing Arizona Permit

    Nevada has decided to stop accepting the Arizona permit due to a change in training requirements. Arizona concealed weapons permits no longer honored in Nevada - News -
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    Nevada no longer recognizing Arizona Permit

    It appears that Arizona changed their permit requirements so Nevada will no longer accept the Arizona permit. A lot of people applied for Arizona permit as Nevada accepted it plus you got quite a few states. Arizona concealed weapons permits no longer honored in Nevada - News -
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    Cleaning a Nickle 29

    I unexpectedly picked up a 4" 29-2 Nickel made in 1980 (at least per the serial number). The gun was in a batch of confiscated guns by the sheriff, and it is in reasonably good shape. I haven't seen a nickle 4" model before so I decided to pick it up. Unfortunately the criminal who had the gun...
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    Shotgun for Skeet Shooting

    Can anyone recommend a good, relatively cheap shotgun for skeet shooting? Thank you.
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    Scope/Red Dot

    I have a FS2000 which I put a Leupold 3-9x scope on it though now I don't think it is a good fit due to the bullpup design. I was planning on moving the scope to my PS90, but don't think that the scope will work well with that model. So now the plan is to put the scope on my eventual 300...
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    Travel through Idaho

    I am going to be traveling from Nevada to Montana through US 93, and I was wondering if there is anything I need to know. I am going to check handgunlaw to make sure I am up on all the Idaho differences to Nevada law that I am used to. Idaho recognizes my CFP so I am not concerned about that...
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    FS2000 Scope

    I am looking at a few Leupolds. The first is the Mark AR 3-9x as well as the Mark AR 4-12x, and Mark AR 6-18x. I don't think I really need the VX-R (a 3-9x scope that also has an illuminated dot in the center), and the other scopes are way out of my price range. I won't be hunting with the...
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    Disassembled "Gun parts" ?

    Yes but current interpretation of that law only allows that protection if you don't stop in the state. Since the original poster is planning on spending the night in MD that law does not apply.
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    Suppressors legal?

    I am finding conflicting information on whether suppressors are legal in Montana. I found a statute that says suppressor possession is a crime, but I have found several places on the internet that state all NFA items are legal in Montana. I tend to believe the statute I found, but just want to...
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    Gun Trust Question

    I am in the process of setting up a gun trust to purchase items that need the ATF tax stamp, and I was considering transferring my handguns and long guns that don't require the tax stamp into the trust. Is that permitted, and if so, is there any advantages/disadvantages to doing that?
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    FN FNP 45 Tactical Question

    I have uploaded some pictures to this message. I bought a FNP 45 Tactical that was described as factory new, but the test round was shot in 2010 and these pictures indicate to me that the gun is not factory new. Am I crazy that this is a used gun or is it possible that it is a new gun? Thank you.
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    Gun Trust Question

    I am setting up a gun trust for class 3 devices, and I was wondering if anyone had a sample trust that dealt with the NFA portion. I have the state trust documents I can use, and I can put in some information (what happens about someone who becomes a prohibited person), but don't know what else...
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    P226 v. P229

    I am looking at picking up either a P226 or a P229 Classic .22LR as well as a .357 SIG X Change kit. Prices for both P226 and P229 are the same, but I am wondering what the differences are between the P226 and P229. I have a P226 German which I like, and that gun fits my hand great. It looks...
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    AZ Application Time Question

    I sent an email to AZ DPS last week, and they responded last Wednesday that they were sending me an application packet. I have not received it yet. How long should it take for the packet to go out? Thanks.
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    Holster for .44 Mag and Glock 20SF

    I have a crossbreed for my Five Seven, and I am looking for holsters for my S&W 629 and Glock 20SF. While I like the crossbreed holster, I am not a big fan of all the crosses on it. What kind of holsters do you guys recommend for those two guns, and is there a holster like the crossbreed IWB...
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    pre-background check, possible?

    Nevada should have a big asterisk on it since the only people who are exempt from the check (which is a minimum $25 fee) are people who got their CFP after July 1, 2011. If you received your permit on June 30, 2011 or before you still have to pay to get the background check until you renew your...
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    New Shotgun: Mossberg 590A1 or Benelli SuperNova Tactical

    I am looking into getting a home defense shotgun in the next few months (plus shooting at the range), and I am looking into one of these two shotguns. I know the Mossberg is 8+1 and a 20" barrel while the Benelli is 3+1 and a 18.5" barrel. I am sure they are both good shotguns. Which one would...
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    Mossberg 500 v 590

    I am considering a 12 gauge shotgun. What benefits does the Mossberg 500 have versus the 590 model? Thank you.
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    Beretta CX4

    Does anyone have any experience with this rifle? I know it is made in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. I am thinking of getting one at some point in the future though don't know the caliber. Thank you.
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    Sig P250 vs other .45 guns

    I am looking into getting a .45. I am looking into the Sig P250, FN FNP-45, Glock 21, and Springfield XD 45. Does anyone have the P250? I can get it for a good price, but before I buy it I would like some feedback from people who either own it or tried it. I know it had some neutral reviews...