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  1. HKS

    California and Oregon

    It is easy to tell if someone is carrying a firearm or not. I have seen imprints of guns fairly often at restaurants and bars. A police officer is going to be looking for some kind of bulge in your clothing somewhere. They are good at this. The penalty in California is 1 year in county jail...
  2. HKS

    Sig Sauer P220 45 acp. Elite Stainless Carry

    I considered one of these in 45ACP when I ended up buying my CZ 97B instead. The Sig's are all excellent and very accurate guns. This particular model of Sig is probably the very best pistol made on this Earth. I think the 10mm's are overpowered however, and even the high velocity 45ACP's are...
  3. HKS

    A Clear Shot: In Position to Knock Down The Worst Anti-2A Laws (with your help)

    You are only giving one side of a very weak argument. What you are not telling is that Scalia clearly points out in Heller that the States have the power and right to regulate all public carry outside of the home. And it also looks like Gorsuch is going to be a swing voter. And even so, even...
  4. HKS

    Russia Prepares For Next War

    This is the same old propaganda warfare like that of Tokyo Rose during WW2, only now there is direct access through social media instead.
  5. HKS

    When To Pull and or Shoot

    BAC Chart | Blood Alcohol Content Chart |Blood Alcohol Calculator
  6. HKS

    Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    That looks good. I prefer key safes with a padlock drilled through it though. To each his own.
  7. HKS

    Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    I would not want my life to depend on batteries (I feel sorry for everyone who wears a pacemaker too).
  8. HKS

    U.S. Military Pilots Reveal Why ISIS Was Never Taken Out

    Question is, whether there is any independent confirmation of these allegations and opinions ?? You can never trust one single source for anything unless you are a gullible fool. So I would like to see some independent confirmation before I conclude that BHO was sabotaging the war on Islamic...
  9. HKS

    Learning from the best

    My very last encounter with LEO's was as a student in tactical classes taught by 3 of them -- two police sergeants and a police lieutenant. These 3 were local police academy instructors who had decided they could condense the shooting portion of their police academy programs into various single...
  10. HKS

    Lethal vs. Less Lethal ammo for self defense

    Reba, my dear friend, and fellow former Naval alum, and you as a former Navy Chief, and I as a former Marine officer, there is nothing in anything that Massad said in your citations/links that is relevant to concealed carry. This is a red herring. I love Massad and everything that he teaches...
  11. HKS

    Things I learned at USMC basic training which are good lessons for life

    Here is the list of things I learned at USMC boot camp (at Quantico for officer candidates) which are also good lessons for life: 1 - stand up straight, head up, shoulders square, chest out, stomach in, feet together, hands at your sides, fingers with their natural curl not clenched or extended...
  12. HKS

    How often should you clean your pistol?

    I have heard different answers to the question "how often should you clean your pistol?" What is your own view? Where did you learn it? Why do you think it is more important than the other choices?
  13. HKS

    Apendix Carry with J Frame

    I completely agree with you about hip and shoulder holsters. I have found that the 3 oclock IWB carry is the fastest either open carry or concealed. The only time I don't wear mine at 3 oclock is when I go to work or church -- then it's a shoulder holster that I can easily take off and lock...
  14. HKS

    Apendix Carry with J Frame

    This looks like a wound from a Mexican carry -- handgun tucked into the back of your belt at 6 oclock. It is the opposite of Redneck carry -- handgun tucked into the front of your belt at 12 oclock. Appendix carry is closer to 1 or 2 oclock. Advantages are (1) fastest draw and (2) best...
  15. HKS

    The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

    My USMC D/I was one of the most devout Catholics I have ever met. I am forever proud of him. He was like a father to me even more so than my own father. My own father was distant and introverted. And he got really pissed off when I joined the USMC instead of going to West Point. Whereas my...
  16. HKS

    The Smith & Wesson 1911 cal 22LR

    Today at the indoor shooting range the guy shooting next to my station was shooting a Smith & Wesson 1911 caliber 22LR. He let me try it and it is extremely accurate. I googled this pistol and could not find it, so it must be fairly new. I used to have a Colt Woodsman which is a 22LR and used...
  17. HKS

    Monthly practice with a pistol

    To be accurate with a pistol, monthly practice is the minimum requirement. Weekly practice would be ideal, but that costs more money than I can allocate to shooting. There are so many things to practice with a pistol that it keeps you busy all year long no matter how often that you go. First...
  18. HKS

    The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

    The contemporary opiate depends on geography, you are right about that part, OldGrunt. When I was in USMC officer boot camp at Quantico, the senior drill instructor was Roman Catholic and a very religious tough guy. He constantly reminded us that Jesus and also the Virgin Mary were watching us...
  19. HKS

    If u voted 4 Trump, u got conned.

    You did not make any point Sailor Sam. You only made a bizarre statement. What is your point ??
  20. HKS

    Top Ten Pre- Incident Indicators/ Article

    Good list! Situational awareness is definitely the key. I watch everyone and everything (dogs and cars included) around me and shift my gaze a lot like the point man on a jungle patrol, or like the center on a football team. When I notice someone else noticing me back I shift my gaze away so...