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  1. h2ojunkie

    Calling all gun owning Nevada foster/adoptive parents

    With only 2 days left before the April 15th public comment deadline, support to change the regulation that keeps law abiding gun owners from providing a home for foster/adoptive children in need continues to grow. Much to our surprise, Channel 8 sent a news crew to cover our story at the...
  2. h2ojunkie

    Calling all gun owning Nevada foster/adoptive parents

    I'm looking for fellow firearm owners that currently are or have been foster and/or adoptive parents to speak out at public workshop regarding firearm regulations you must abide by to be a foster/adoptive parent in Nevada. The current regulations governing foster/adoptive licenses in Nevada...
  3. h2ojunkie

    Finding a pro-2A lawyer?

    While we all hope the day never comes where we need to defend ourselves, I would think it's not a bad idea to know/have a relationship with a pro 2A lawyer to handle any self defense claims. And of course, there are the few anti cops out there, and while it's not a common problem in Nevada, a...
  4. h2ojunkie

    You have to read this.

    Watching this video got me thinking. I live in Las Vegas and travel in the southwest a lot. In order to cross Hover Damn into Arizona, you must pass through a security checkpoint where they search ALL RVs, trucks, trailers ect. before allowing them to pass. However, they do not search cars in...
  5. h2ojunkie

    Hats off to New Smyrna Beach, FL LEO

    I was in FL last week for bike week. As you can imagine it can be quite a rowdy crowd. LEO presence was very high just about everywhere during the 7 days I was there. One we arrived and set up camp, we unloaded the bikes from the trailer and headed over to the gas station to fill up. As I pull...
  6. h2ojunkie

    Guns and Travel Trailers

    Doesn't site the specific law, but here is a flyer from NRL. See the CARRYING AND TRANSPORTATION IN VEHICLES section on page 3 Link Removed