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    Supreme Court declares judges' courthouse orders unconstitutional Mississippi Supreme Court decision released today, June 07, 2018. RE: Mississippi IC/enhanced concealed carry permit holders. A small legal victory over the city/county judicial tyrants in black robes. JMO.
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    OK Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry Bill

    Link Removed While Oklahoma “is a state that respects the Second Amendment,” Fallin said in a statement, she chose to veto the bill, also known as Senate Bill 1212, because “the firearms requirement we current have in state law are few and reasonable.” “Oklahoma is a state that respects the...
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    Utah CCW Permit Fee Increases

    For Resident ($37 -> $57) and Non-Resident ($47 -> $67) CCW permits. Permit renewal fees look unchanged. New forms/fees link, below: Link Removed (Plus required Utah...
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    Pistol Permits Surge in The Constitution State

    Pistol Permits Surge In This Leftist State | Prepared Gun Owners
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    Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Madison Bus Gun Ban

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Madison Bus Gun Ban
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    Voluntary background check law in Virginia yields 1 denial in 6 months

    Voluntary background check law in Virginia yields 1 denial in 6 months Virginia state taxpayers: $300,000 for 39 checks and 1 denial. What's not to like? Hey, you elected him/them! [Disclaimer: I have a VA N/R CCW permit)
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    2017 Gun Rights Bills - Minnesota House

    FYI. Gun rights bills enter Minnesota's House — how far will they get? Keep in mind: DFL governor (i.e., Gov. Mark Dayton)
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    Florida concealed carry permits now can be renewed online

    FYI. Florida concealed carry permits now can be renewed online Florida concealed carry permits now can be renewed online 12/08/16 | by Chris Eger Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, whose office regulates the Sunshine State’s more than*1.6 million permit holders...
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    New Jersey man sentenced for dozens of illegal gun sales

    Link Removed Only 70 months ... Federal prosecutors. Federal prosecutors say Joshua Jackson, 36, of Willingboro, received a 70-month sentence on Tuesday. He had pleaded guilty in June 2015 to conspiracy, dealing firearms without a license and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.
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    Pro-Constitution Federal Ruling on 2nd Amendment/Firearms Challenges in No. Marianas

    Federal judge*Ramona Manglona,*chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands, has struck down the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ (CNMI) ban on “assault weapons” and firearm registration requirements while upholding the constitutionality of openly carrying...
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    All You Need to Know About HRC/Dems, Guns and the Second Amendment

    No surprises here, really, except for how really, really enabling and annoying ABC's This Week "moderator" (and Clinton Foundation donor, and former B. Clinton WH Communications Director) George Stephanopoulos is ... Hillary Clinton Explains Her "Nuanced Reading Of The Second Amendment" |...
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    114th U.S. Congress: H.Res. 582 Condemning and Censuring President Barack Obama -- 2A

    To Congress re: 2A: A little less talk, and a lot more action! (with apologies to Toby Keith) *****************************************************************************************************************************...
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    U.S. judge strikes down D.C. concealed-carry gun law as likely unconstitutional

    Link Removed Link Removed A federal judge has ruled that a key provision of the District’s new gun law is likely unconstitutional, ordering D.C. police to stop requiring individuals to show “good reason” to obtain a permit to carry a firearm on the streets of the nation’s capital. In imposing...
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    Ninth Circuit Court rules that Second Amendment is “not a second class right"

    Full article at link: Ninth Circuit Court rules that Second Amendment is ?not a second class right? « Hot Air Some additional good news on the gun rights front comes to us from an unexpected location this week… California. The Ninth Circuit Court was asked to rule on a “zoning ordinance” in...
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    Reciprocity -- Out-of-state Licenses Recognized in Wisconsin: +5 States Those states "added" (not previously recognized) include: 1.Alabama 2.Massachusetts (Class A Permit Only) 3.Mississippi 4.South Carolina 5.South Dakota Permit(s) Honored In Wisconsin: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California...
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    Concealed Carry Reciprocity Deal Signed in Virginia

    So, it looks as though this CCW reciprocity/recognition "situation" in Virginia has been fixed at the eleventh hour/after a 30-day legislative extension ...? See below. (Emphasis *** added *** is mine in the NRA ILA press release below) Of course, the Virginia Governor (McAuliffe) and Virginia...
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    Feds Are Likely to Support Obama's New Call for Expanding Gun Regulations

    As in "federal 'workers'. Hey, nobody surveyed ME! (Obama: Never let a crisis go to waste!) BTW, nothing that I saw or read in obama's January 2016 gun control rant -- um, Executive Order/Action -- would have stopped or prevented the Kalamazoo, MI UBER shootings/murders ... the suspect had no...
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    Add Another Person to the List!

    PA Corrections Officer With Gun Permit Faces Charges for Illegally Carrying His Gun in NJ Link Removed Link Removed (Raymond) "Hughes, 46, is the latest to be charged with carrying a gun legally owned in another state into New Jersey, which has strict limits on how and where weapons can be...
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    Mississippi: Pro-Gun, Pro-Defense Measures on the Move in Jackson MS

    Good NRA summary of 2016 session 2A bills to date here:
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    Mississippi House Passes Mississippi Church Protection Act

    The article linked below is authored by a Mississippi state representative. He was also a co-sponsor of the bill. The bill now moves on to the Mississippi Senate for consideration/passage. Link Removed Link Removed