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  1. Reba

    Can't reply to private message

    I received a private message today and attempted to reply to it. My message wouldn't go thru because it said the recipient's name was unknown. I checked my typing and it was correct. I've sent and replied to pm's before with no problem. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Reba

    Guns Down America campaigns against NRA "murder insurance"

    "Murder insurance?" Really? According to the Chicago Tribune: "The National Rifle Association is offering insurance for people who shoot someone, stirring criticism from gun-control advocates who say it could foster more violence and give gun owners a false sense of security to shoot first and...
  3. Reba

    Majority Whip Steve Scalise returns to Capitol Hill since shooting

    Glad to see him back. Link Removed He still has a ways to go with rehabilitation and therapy.
  4. Reba

    Exactly what happened at the Antioch church shooting?

    I haven't found any details of what exactly went down when the usher tackled the shooter. What I don't understand is why the usher left the shooter in the church while he went out to his car to retrieve his gun. Did the shooter still have possession of his guns at that time? Or did the usher...
  5. Reba

    Lessons learned comments on pawn shop shooting?

    Could or should have anything been done differently by the pawn shop employees? Authorities: Man who fired shots inside Ladson pawn shop claimed 'the Russians' were sending him messages | News | This happened just a few miles from where I live.
  6. Reba

    His only regret was pulling a Taser, not his gun

    How lives can change in a flash: During an interview with the officer, he stated: ". . . I made a mistake and I drew my taser, and he got the upper hand on me.” What is the protocol for pulling a Taser rather than gun? I wonder how the story might have ended if he used his weapon instead...
  7. Reba

    Things are getting ugly in Minneapolis--police chief out, protestors shut down mayor.

    The people in Minneapolis are angry. They aren't satisfied with how the police department and city are handling the shooting and killing of Justine Damond by Officer Mohamed Noor. Live coverage of the protestors taking over the press conference the mayor was holding about the resignation of the...
  8. Reba

    Where to buy antique gun accessories

    I'm searching for a holster and magazines for a 1915 FN .380 semi-automatic pistol. Does anyone know of any good resources for such items?
  9. Reba

    When deadly force is needed....

    This is an example of when deadly force is needed. A traumatic situation for sure but sometimes you do what you have to do. No brandishing, no warning shot, no bravado--just doing what needed to be done to save innocent lives. Man shoots neighbor trying to drown twin babies: Mother of infant...
  10. Reba

    SC reciprocity legislation progress

    The vote was May 3, 2017. House moves to recognize CWPs from any state which also recognizes SC A proposal approved by the South Carolina House on Wednesday would make it much easier for legal gun carriers in other states to carry in South Carolina, although the measure is unlikely to pass...
  11. Reba

    Updates on H. 3930

    South Carolina House passes bill granting carry of handguns without a permit COLUMBIA — The South Carolina House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow residents to carry a gun, openly or concealed, without getting a weapons permit. The controversial bill passed the...
  12. Reba

    Homeowner stops home invader with four shots to the body

    "In Berkeley County, if you kick someone's door in and you get shot, as long as I'm the coroner, that's going to be a justifiable homicide...." Police: Homeowner fatally shoots home invasion suspect, 2nd susp - | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports This was a home invasion...
  13. Reba

    Will the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting impact how guns can be transported?

    So far, it is reported that the shooter lawfully transported his gun in checked baggage. He retrieved his baggage, went to the restroom with it, and came out shooting. Of course, the gun control people will jump on this. Do you think this will cause changes in the way guns can be transported on...
  14. Reba

    How not to pack your third grader's backpack for school

    This is the kind of gun owner who gives others a bad name. :mad: Who carries their gun in their armpit around the house? How did it get from her armpit to inside the backpack? Worse, yet, what mother leaves a handgun casually lying about the house with children present? A Newington...
  15. Reba

    A gift for opsspec

    Opsspec, this one's for you: FBI to review more emails related to Clinton's private email use: letter | Reuters Enjoy it in good health. :)
  16. Reba

    The Donald and Hillary make sweet music together

    No debate for these two parties. (Turn up the volume.) Ah, those adoring looks! :laugh:
  17. Reba

    Hurricane Matthew

    Well, Governor Haley declared a state of emergency for SC. My area is included in the evacuation zone. We aren't evacuating but we need to begin preparing. Schools will be closed and lanes begin reversing tomorrow (Wednesday). Some stores are already out of propane, and gas lines are beginning...
  18. Reba

    Critics shoot holes in widely cited gun study

    More: Link Removed
  19. Reba

    How do the candidates measure up on 2nd Amendment?

    Now that we know who are the presidential and vice presidential candidates for both parties, how do they measure up and compare in their stands for the Second Amendment? Also, does that candidate's stand on guns influence your vote? For starters...
  20. Reba

    What happened at Baton Rouge . . .

    Definitely an attack on police officers. This is a bad trend. :( Link Removed After the Dallas shooting, and the week before he was killed, Officer Montrell Jackson posted: